Growing Zone 8 Bulbs – When To Plant Bulbs In Zone 8

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Bulbs are a great addition to any garden, especially spring flowering bulbs. Plant them in the fall and forget about them, then before you know it, they’ll be coming up and bringing you color in the spring, and you’ll feel as though you didn’t even have to do any work. What bulbs grow where though? When can you plant them? Keep reading to learn more about what bulbs grow in zone 8 and how and when to plant bulbs in zone 8 gardens.

When to Plant Bulbs in Zone 8 Gardens

Bulbs that are designed to be planted in the autumn can be planted in zone 8 any time between October and December. The bulbs need the cool weather of autumn and winter to become active and begin to grow roots. In mid to late winter, the bulbs should put up growth above ground, and the flowers ought to appear in late winter to spring.

Zone 8 Bulb Varieties

Zone 8 is a little too hot for some of the classic bulb varieties you see in more temperate zones. That doesn’t mean growing bulbs in zone 8 is impossible. There are plenty of hot weather varieties of the classics (like tulips and daffodils) as well as others that thrive only in hot climates. Here are a few:

  • Canna Lily – Long blooming and very tolerant of heat, hardy all winter in zone 8.
  • Gladiolus – A very popular cut flower, winter hardy in zone 8.
  • Crinum – A beautiful lily-like flower that thrives in the heat.
  • Daylily – A classic flowering bulb that does very well in hot climates.

Here are some zone 8 bulb varieties of popular flowering bulbs that aren’t always suited to heat:

  • Tulips for zone 8 – White Emperor, Orange Emperor, Monte Carlo, Rosy Wings, Burgundy Lace
  • Daffodils for zone 8 – Ice Follies, Magnet, Mount Hood, Sugarbush, Salome, Cheerfulness
  • Hyacinths for zone 8 – Blue Jacket, Lady Derby, Jan Bos
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