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Working from home is the on trend phrase of today. While many of us have an interior office, creating a garden office has infinite appeal. Developing a space where you can take a visual break from the computer and spy on the birds may seem distracting, but for the disciplined worker, a work from home garden office might be just the perfect setting. 

A work from home garden room could be a “she-shed” or other outbuilding, but it could also be right in the great outdoors. It doesn't have to take a lot of money, but it will take some planning to create a dedicated garden home office. Consider the needs of the space such as internet access, electricity, good lighting, shelter from extreme sun and the glare that comes with it, and privacy. 

Planning to Work from Home in Garden Spaces

Separation from work and home life can be difficult for some. With work at home spouses, children, and other distractions, it is more practical than ever to set up a garden home office. Even if there is already a dedicated space inside the home for work, a work from home garden room can boost creativity, enhance personal space, and make earning a salary just a little bit nicer. A desk, computer, comfortable chair, file cabinets, and other traditional office items can make getting the job done simpler. But if you will be expecting clients or customers, you will have to plan for pathways, parking, lighting, and other comforts to make their journey to you safe and easy. You may also need a permit to construct a building devoted to your business needs. 

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A Simple Work From Home Garden Office

By far, the easiest set up is for a desk job scenario. You can take your laptop, cell phone, and an extension cord and get much of that kind of work done at the patio table. Having a pergola, umbrella, or other shade structure can help cut down on sun glare and an overheated laptop. Planting a screening hedge or building an attractive fence will help screen the area and provide privacy. 

Make rules at home. Let everyone know that when you are in your home office-garden space, you should not be disturbed. Setting boundaries can help keep that area feeling like a work space and help enhance concentration by limiting distractions. 

Getting Fancy

Sheds are all the rage. You can get them from a variety of prices and sizes, and many do not need a zoning permit. Building an office shed or small structure in the garden further enhances privacy. Once you have had the shed or outbuilding installed, furnish it to encourage productivity, but also use it as a space to relax and brainstorm. Standard office furniture can suffice, but personalizing the room will make it more comfortable and appealing. Refinish an old roll top desk, bring in a sofa, add some plants. Any personal touches will make going to work that much more interesting and attractive.

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Bonnie Grant is a professional landscaper with a Certification in Urban Gardening. She has been gardening and writing for 15 years. A former professional chef, she has a passion for edible landscaping.