Your Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Living

From outdoor kitchens to garden lighting, our ultimate guide to outdoor living has everything you need to start spending more time outside.

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Reimagining Your Outdoor Space

For many of us, our backyards, balconies, front yards, porches, and patios have all become far more important places to us than they once were.

With more and more people around the world using their outdoor space as an extension of their family rooms, living rooms, kitchens, and even offices, we decided to put together a one-stop guide for creating your very own backyard oasis.

Below you'll find the Know How on how many people are using their garden space. Click on the image to learn more:

How To Make Your Garden Space More Homey

For many people, outdoor living goes beyond simply using outdoor spaces for certain purposes. One very popular trend across the United States in recent years is creating outdoor space that serves as an extension of your indoor space.

Just like how we all fill our homes with the things we love, let’s explore several ways to fill our outdoor spaces with more of those things we love.

More Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

Creating a warm, welcoming outdoor space in or around your garden doesn’t have to be expensive or even very time-consuming. Sometimes, it’s just subtle changes to the existing space you already have that can open up the opportunity to spend more time outdoors.

Discover some super easy ways to take advantage of your outdoor space:

So Now What?

Once you have your space figured out, you can turn your attention back to the garden - with our help, of course.

Explore all of the free Gardening Know How gardening guides today to complete your personal outdoor oasis. Everything from growing ornamentals to planning a vegetable garden, we’re giving you all of the Know How to grow the outdoor space of your dreams!