What Is Garden To Table - Garden To Table Meaning And Ideas

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The garden to table trend benefits from a bit of newer lingo yet has historical roots. What is garden to table? The garden to table meaning has come to signify a sustainable method of growing food which enables the home gardener to efficiently ferry food from their backyard “farm” directly to the table. 

Garden to Table Meaning

If garden to table trends ring some bells, it is likely due to the concept of farm to table, wherein the table is situated right on the farm and the food served comes directly from its fields or other locally, sustainable producer. One of the first farm to table restaurants is Chez Panisse in Berkeley, C.A. opened by Chef Alice Waters in 1971. 

So what is garden to table then? Garden to table is just like farm to table, without the farm. The garden to table trend refers to the production of food in one’s own yard grown specifically to feed the family; a trend that has exploded during the pandemic. 

Backyard Farm to Table

Why a flood of people jumped on the garden to table trend can be debated, but the benefits are clear. Growing your own produce allows control over well, control methods. You decide if you want to use chemical control or would rather grow organic. 

Within reason, you can grow whatever your heart desires, provided you are in the correct USDA zone and have the right light and temperature requirements or have a greenhouse. Backyard farm to table will also save money; plus, it really can’t be any more convenient to walk out the backdoor and immediately be picking the freshest produce for dinner. 

The gardening to table trend is also fun, educational, physically challenging, and emotionally fulfilling. Lastly, there really is no excuse not to try the gardening to table trend since this movement is ideal for even those with limited garden space and ideal for container gardening

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