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From avocado toast to red wine, it seems there’s always a new millennial trend to hear about. Here’s one that’s actually worthwhile, however, and one everyone should take advantage of. It’s called “floratourism,” and it’s the practice of traveling with nature in mind. Keep reading to learn more about floratourism travel and some popular floratourism destinations.

Floratourism Information

What is floratourism? In very basic terms, it’s the phenomenon of traveling to nature-themed destinations, and it’s a hot new trend that’s being spearheaded by younger generations. Whether it’s national parks, botanical gardens, historical estates with vast landscapes, or just overgrown walks and trails, in the past few years the green places of the world have seen visitors in record breaking numbers, and they only seem to be getting more popular.

In 2017, Monrovia named floratourism one of the top trends influencing the gardening world. So, what’s at the heart of floratourism travel? Nature has always been appealing, but why are young people flocking to it all of a sudden? There are a few reasons.

One big draw is the new tendency to value experiences over material objects. Millennials aren’t so much into collecting things as they are into collecting places. They’re also more concerned with “nature deficit disorder,” a serious problem for people who spend both their work and leisure time in front of screens. Put those two together, and what better way to collect experiences than to travel to some of the best gardens and outdoor spots the world has to offer.

So, what are the hottest places the floratourism trend can lead you to?

Topping many lists is the High Line in New York City – a mile and a half stretch of pedestrian walkway on an old railroad track through Manhattan, it satisfies a very real need for new green (and car-free) spaces in urban environments.

Other popular semi-urban destinations are botanical gardens, which often have the added bonus of rich history and old school charm, as well as excellent photo opportunities.

For a wilder floratourism experience, state and national parks offer an incredible chance to get up close with nature, and to take that road trip you’ve always been itching to do.

Whether you’re a millennial or just young at heart, why not take advantage of this growing and worthwhile new trend?

Liz Baessler
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