DIY Flowerpot Wreaths: How To Make A Flowerpot Wreath

DIY Flowerpot Wreath Full Of Plants
pot wreath
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A wreath of flowerpots can house live or fake plants and makes an attractive, homey decoration for indoors or out. The options are endless. You can paint the containers and select from a variety of plants. Try air plants or succulents planted in lightweight perlite or cactus mix. Or go for no care silk or plastic plants. The effect is still whimsical but without any management.

What is a Wreath of Flowerpots?

If you are always looking for ways to express your creativity, try DIY flowerpot wreaths. This cute project results in a wreath you can change for the seasons and use year after year. Used indoors, flowerpot wall décor may reflect any holiday or burst with colorful blooms to escort in the growing season. Learn how to make a flower pot wreath and enjoy it for years.

It really is what it sounds like. Using a stout grapevine wreath frame or even Styrofoam (consider the weight of the pots when selecting your wreath base), you tie on your little containers.

Some crafters like the look of terra cotta, but you could also use colorful plastic containers. The terra cotta pots can be painted or made to look rustic, however you prefer. This is a hands-on project that even older kids can accomplish. The wreath can be made to hang on an outside door or use as flowerpot wall décor. 

How to Make a Flowerpot Wreath

A wreath decorated with flowerpots can really be personalized. Once you have your wreath base, you will need your containers. Stick with small ones for the best effect.

You will also need some jute or twine to tie them on. Slip a line of jute through the drainage hole and tie it to the wreath. Repeat with each container. They can all be right side up to use with live plants or topsy turvy for fake plants.

You can tuck in bits of moss around the pots to hide the ties. Next, for fake greenery, put floral foam inside each pot. If using real plants, use lightweight soil or perlite.

Plants for DIY Flowerpot Wreaths

If you want an autumnal theme, purchase imitation mums, fall leaves, acorns and other items. The mums can go in the pots and the rest scatter artfully around the wreath using a glue gun to tie the whole thing together. One idea is to use succulents. You can use faux or real, or a combination of the two.

Fake plants can either be glued to the top of the pot or inserted into the floral foam. Live plants are planted as usual and should be tied on upright for watering purposes. Using air plants or other epiphytes will allow you to skip soil and glue the live plant to the container. Mist them occasionally.

Don't forget to add other accents to cover up the frame and tie the whole effect together.

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