DIY Mini Rosemary Wreaths: Instructions And Ideas For Mini Rosemary Wreaths

DIY Mini Christmas Rosemary Wreaths
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The holidays are almost upon us. The menu is planned, but you still need a personalized touch for the holiday table. Simple yet elegant small, fresh rosemary wreaths are the answer. A DIY rosemary Christmas wreath can be used as a place card, rosemary napkin ring or even holiday ornament. 

Fresh Rosemary Wreaths

Even if you aren’t particularly crafty, these small rosemary wreaths come together with only a few simple supplies. The basic supplies needed for a DIY rosemary Christmas wreath are listed below. 

  • Fresh rosemary sprigs
  • Scissors and/or wire cutters and pruning shears
  • Wire, ribbon, or zip tie
  • Optional: Pen or sharpie/ miniature embroidery hoop or hose clamp, hot glue gun

How to Make a DIY Rosemary Christmas Wreath

There are several iterations of this project depending on how you wish to use the fresh rosemary wreaths.The basic idea for a DIY rosemary Christmas wreath remains the same. 

First obtain fresh rosemary sprigs. Next, cut the rosemary sprigs with pruning shears into lengths appropriate for your project. You may use a single sprig of between 6-9 inches (15-23 cm.) in length, or multiple sprigs for a fuller looking small rosemary wreath. 

To make the simplest DIY rosemary Christmas wreath, remove ¼ inch (6.35 ml.) of the leaves at both ends of the sprig and then gently manipulate the sprig of rosemary until it forms a circle. Crisscross the bare ends of the sprig and secure them with a small amount of floral wire, twisting the wire until it’s secure. 

The above forms the most basic small rosemary wreath and can be left as is or further adorned. Tie a ribbon around the floral wire area or glue a pre-made bow to hide the area and complete the look. 

Small rosemary wreaths can also be made by encircling the interior of a mini embroidery hoop or hose clamp with rosemary secured with twist ties or floral wire. In this case, use multiple sprigs to surround the circles to form an abundantly full wreath. 

Ideas for Mini Rosemary Wreaths

The small rosemary wreaths can be used as ornaments by affixing or tying ribbon, wire or twine onto the wreath. They can then be further decorated with tiny ornaments, faux berries, etc. 

These tiny wreaths can also be used as rosemary wreath place cards, napkin rings or wine glass charms. Be sure to attach a name tag to charms, rosemary wreath napkin rings or place cards. Use small purchased, homemade paper or even bay leaves as name tags. 

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