DIY Winter Arrangements: Holiday Porch Pot

Don’t leave those porch containers bare all winter. Add some greenery and berries for a pretty decoration that will last for months on end.

You can find greens by foraging from trees on your own property. If branches are not available to you, a quick trip to your local garden center may be the best option. As far as container choices, plastic is preferred as clay may crack during the winter. 

Once you've gathered your branches, separate them by length to see what you have to work with. Start with the largest, most erect and upright branches, such as spruce, in the back. This will be the base you build from. Continue to stick the taller branches towards the back and shorter branches near the front. Fan them to each side as you fill the container. The softer evergreens such as pine and cedar are great to add near the front to cascade downward filling the pot in the front. 

Don’t stress about placement. I promise that no matter how you place the branches, you will end up with a beautiful porch pot. This project is very forgiving.

After adding a bright, freshly cut winterberry branch, the last step is to add a festive bow. 

Once complete, water the pot to keep the branches moist. Continue to water weekly until the soil freezes. This type of arrangement will keep the entire winter as long as temperatures remain cool. 

For information on other DIY projects and even more ways to use evergreen branches, check out our ebook.

Amy Draiss
Digital Community Manager

Amy Draiss, Digital Community Manager at Gardening Know How since 2021, seamlessly blends her hands-on gardening experience with a digital green thumb. With roots in family landscaping and management at a garden center, Amy has cultivated expertise in plants, supplies, and customer relations. Residing in the Midwest, Amy tends to her two-acre haven, showcasing a diverse range of trees, shrubs, and perennials. As the Hydrangea Queen, she shares her love for these blooms and imparts gardening wisdom through videos and social media. Beyond gardening, Amy enjoys quality time with her family, travel, and theme parks. Amy's mission is to inspire and advise plant enthusiasts, fostering flourishing gardens for both seasoned and budding gardeners alike.