Weaving A Basket Pot: How To Build A Basket Planter

Hanging Basket Pots Full Of Plants
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Making a planter basket from backyard branches and vines is an attractive way to display indoor houseplants. Although the technique for weaving a basket pot is easy to learn, it may take a bit of practice to become proficient. Once you perfect how to build a basket planter, however, you may find this home-crafted project a relaxing way to spend a blustery day or to pass time in quarantine.

DIY Basket Planter Basics

You can make your own basket from reeds and canes purchased online or at your local craft store. It's much more fun to harvest basket making supplies from plants in your own backyard though. Here are a few plants, shrubs, and trees with the flexibility needed for weaving a basket pot:

Autumn is the perfect time of year to harvest basket making supplies, as many plants benefit from pruning in the fall. Select pliable stems and branches which are at least 3 feet (1 m.) long.

Before beginning your DIY basket planter, strip off the leaves, thorns, or side branches (you may wish to leave the tendrils on the vines to add character to the basket). Soak the vines or branches for six to twelve hours before weaving a basket pot.

How to Build a Basket Planter 

Select between five and eight branches to be the spokes of the basket. The spokes are the verticals which provide support for the DIY basket planter. Form a “cross” by laying approximately half of the spokes in one direction. Lay the remaining spokes on top of and perpendicular to the first set. The sets should intersect about midway along their lengths. 

Take a flexible vine or branch and weave it in and out of the sets of spokes in a circular direction. This will “tie” the two sets together. Continue weaving around the center of the cross several times.

Begin weaving the flexible vine in and out of the individual spokes, gently spreading them as you make your own basket. Push the woven vines gently toward the center of the cross as you work. When you reach the end of the flexible vine or branch, tuck it between the weaves. Continue weaving with a new vine.

Continue weaving until you reach the desired diameter for your DIY basket planter. Then gently bend the spokes upright to form the sides of baskets. Work slowly and warm the branches with your hand to avoid breaking or splintering the spokes. Continue weaving a basket pot. To avoid a leaning or lopsided basket, keep an even pressure on the vine as you are weaving.

When your basket is as tall as you'd like or when you reach the last 4 inches (10 cm.) of the spokes, it's time to finish off the top of basket. To do this, gently bend each spoke over and push it down the hole formed around the next spoke (trim the spoke you're bending, if needed). Warm the spoke with your hand to make it more pliable.

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