Pinecone Garland Ideas – How To Make A Pinecone Garland Décor

DIY Pinecone Garland Decor With Lights
pinecone garland
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The great outdoors is filled with free materials for holiday and seasonal décor. For the cost of some twine, you can make a natural pinecone garland for a great indoor or outdoor decoration. It’s a fun activity to do with the whole family. Get everyone involved in the hunt for pinecones, even little kids.

Pinecone Garland Ideas for Decorating

Pinecone garland decorations are easy and inexpensive to make, so start planning all the ways you’ll use them this winter: 

  • String a garland of small pinecones and use it to decorate the Christmas tree. 
  • Use pinecone garlands in place of evergreen garlands, along a banister or the fireplace mantel.
  • Wind lights around the garland for extra holiday cheer and lighting. 
  • Use garlands of pinecones to decorate outside for the holidays, on the front porch or along a deck or fence.
  • Make a small garland and tie the two ends together for a wreath.
  • Tuck berries, evergreen boughs, or ornaments into the garland to add color.
  • Dip the tips of the pinecone scales in white paint to mimic snow.
  • Add festive scented oils to the pinecones, like clove or cinnamon

How to Make Pinecone Garlands

To make a garland with pinecones you only need pinecones and twine. Follow these simple steps:

  • Collect pinecones from your yard. You can use a variety of sizes or stick to one type or size for a more uniform garland.
  • Rinse dirt and sap from the pinecones and let them dry.
  • Bake the pinecones in the oven at 200 degrees F. (93 C.) for about an hour. This will kill any pests. Just be sure to stay close in case of any leftover sap catching fire. 
  • Cut a long piece of twine for the garland and several smaller pieces for stringing the pinecones. Tie a loop into one end of the long twine for hanging later. 
  • Tie each pinecone to a short piece of twine by working it into the scales at the base.
  • Tie the other end of the twine to the main garland and slide the pinecone all the way down to the loop. Double the knot to secure it.
  • Keep adding pinecones and bunching them together for a full garland.
  • Cut the ends of the small pieces of twine. 
  • Tie a loop on the other end of the twine and you’re ready to hang your garland.

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