What Is A Shower Caddy Garden – Learn About Keeping Plants In A Shower Caddy


Plants in the bathroom are trendy, but have you heard about growing plants in the shower? If your bathroom gets sunlight, you may be able to put together an attractive “garden” of shower caddy plants. If you’d like information on this type of display and tips on how to make a shower caddy garden, read on.

What is a Shower Caddy Garden?

A shower caddy garden is an arrangement of plants in one of those tiered shelving units that are intended for the shower. Instead of putting shampoo and soap on the shelves, you put plants there.

Adding small potted plants to the shower caddy creates vertical appeal and adds a touch of nature to the bathroom or wherever you choose to hang it. You can use these hanging gardens to good advantage anywhere in the house or the backyard.

One of the great things about a garden with shower caddy plants is that you can make it yourself. The first step is to buy the caddy, then figure out where you want to hang it. Once you find a perfect spot, take a careful look at how much sun the area gets and select suitable plants.

Note that growing plants in the shower is only possible if your bathroom gets ample sunlight. Keeping plants in a shower caddy in a dusky bathroom is not a recipe for success.

How to Make a Shower Caddy Garden

If you are wondering exactly how to make a shower caddy garden, you have three options.

The easiest way to proceed is to buy small plants and transplant them into attractive containers that fit in the shower caddy shelves. You can hide the actual pots behind sphagnum moss or paper mulch, if you like that look. But the right pots in pretty colors can look just as nice.

A second option is available if the shower caddy plants you select are air plants, like orchids. These plants don’t get nutrients from soil, but from water and air. Air plants grow well on a spongy surface like loofah mesh. Cut the mesh and open it up to line a shower caddy shelf. Then wrap the roots of the air plant with loofah mesh as well and tuck it into the shelf. Finally, fill the shelf with orchid bark. If necessary, stabilize each plant with wire or twine.

A third option is available if your shelves are basket-style. You can line basket-style shelves with sphagnum moss, add soil, and plant your chosen shower caddy plants right in the baskets.

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