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Joint pain caused by arthritis can affect anyone, including gardeners. Though symptoms and occurrence can vary greatly from one person to another, issues related to arthritis can often feel frustrating to avid growers. Fortunately, there are several arthritis-friendly gardening tools now available to assist you if you suffer from joint pain but wish to continue to cultivate beautiful green spaces. 

Best Garden Tools for Arthritis

When it comes to the selection of gardening tools and arthritis, it’s best to begin planning before the growing season actually arrives. During this time, you should make a list of possible adaptations that will make working outdoors a safer and more enjoyable experience. Consulting a qualified physician at this time may also be necessary in order to determine how you can safely be able to continue gardening, and what specific precautions you should take. 

Raised beds, containers, and other changes related to the setup of growing beds can greatly change your garden for the better. Still, tending these plantings will need special consideration.

When choosing garden hand tools for arthritis, you’ll need to pay specific attention to your own personal needs. 

Garden tools for arthritic hands most often include those with ergonomically designed curved handles, which can considerably reduce the amount of stress placed on joints while working. Other arthritis-friendly gardening tools include those with long handles. Longer implements, like weeders, allow you to stand as you work the soil. Various types of garden seating may also be quite useful in eliminating the need for bending and stooping while performing routine chores. 

In choosing the best garden tools for arthritis, growers should also keep in mind other necessities. Rather than heavier equipment, opt for items that are lightweight and easy to carry. By looking for more user-friendly versions of garden essentials, like water hoses, you can further reduce the stress placed on your body. 

Wheelbarrows, specialized carrying bags, and adaptive gardening gloves are just a few more examples of other helpful types of gardening gear for those who struggle with pain caused by arthritis. With the proper gardening tools and arthritis management, growers can often continue to enjoy planting and maintaining landscapes and vegetable gardens.

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