Glossary- Gardening Terms

Information About Gardening Glossary


A trace element in soil that helps with the development of the plant, especially blossoms and fruit, especially in nightshade plants, like tomatoes.


A trace mineral in the soil that helps plants with their growth and seed production.


An animal waste product that is composted and used as a natural fertilizer for plants.

manure crops

A plant that is grown to help enrich the soil. It serves the same purpose as adding composted manure to the soil.


A type of rock that is frequently used as an inorganic mulch.

mediterranean style garden

A garden that incorporates Mediterranean aspects into its design. Mediterranean aspects can include tropical-looking foliage, mosaics, ocean-inspired accents, and terra cotta.

medium light plant

Indoor plants that need 4-5 hours of direct light or 5 or more hours of indirect light to grow properly.

micro nutrients

Minerals and nutrients found in the soil that plants need in very small quantities.


A small area within a yard that is a zone higher or lower than the surrounding area. Typically this happens when an object around the area modifies or captures an environmental element, such as a wall that retains heat or a bush that deflects the wind.


A nitrogen fertilizer that is produced from the waste at the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District. It is considered an organic fertilizer.


Spraying a mist or a fine spread of liquid onto a plant, normally with a spray bottle.


A trace element that is needed by plants in order to support healthy growth.


Growing a single species of plant over a wide area. Typically, farms are referred to as being monocultures.


A plant that has both male and female flowers on the same plant.

moon planting

The practice of planting vegetables and other food crops by the phases of the moon. It is thought to increase the health and productivity of the plants.

mounding habit

When a plant grows low and in a rounded fasion. The shape of the plant will resemble a “mound” of soil.


An organic or inorganic material that is spread over the ground to help reduce unwanted plant growth and to retain moisture in the ground.