Glossary- Gardening Terms

Information About Gardening Glossary


An astringent substance that is found in some plants. Most commonly associated with wine grapes.

tap root

The main root of a plant around which all the other roots will grow. They are typically the longest root on the plant.


A plant that is susceptible to cold weather and will die if the temperatures drop below freezing.


A pseudo stem that grows on climbing plants and allows them to attach themselves to the objects that they climb.


This is a plant that has four sets of chromosomes. This genetic anomaly often results in plants that are larger or are mutated in some way.


The act of removing seedlings that are growing too close to their neighboring seedlings in order to ensure that the remaining plants can grow without competition.


A shoot or stalk that grows from the crown (base) of the plant. Normally is used in reference to grass. OR An implement used to till or turn the soil in a garden bed.


The art of pruning a plant into a pre-designed shape.


The top layer of soil that normally contains the most organic material and nutrients.


The release of water vapor from the leaves of plants.


Moving a plant from one location to another.

tree sap

The liquid found inside a tree that circulates nutrients and water. The tree sap flows through the phloem layer of the tree in the xylem cells.

true leaves

The real leaves that develop on the plant as it is growing. The first true leaves are typically the second pair of leaves that develop on a seedling.


A specialized underground stem where a plant stores extra energy in the form of starch.

tuberous root

A specialized, swollen root that the plant uses to store additional energy.