24 Gift Subscriptions Gardeners Will Love: Best Subscription Boxes For Gardeners


These 24 different cool subscriptions from Cratejoy offer something for everyone on your list this year. Subscription boxes are the gifts that keep on giving. On this list, you’ll find everything from seeds and houseplants to craft baking projects that change by month throughout the year. 

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For the serious plant lovers on your gift list this year, check out these subscription gifts for gardeners. They include fresh cut flowers to cut the gloom of winter, seeds to get ready for spring, and specialty plants. 

For the Friend Who Needs Mid-Winter Cheer — Bloomsybox ($49.99/box)
A bouquet inside a cardboard box

This box will bring your friend a fresh handpicked bouquet of flowers weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. It’s perfect for that person on your list who gets the winter blues and needs a little breath of spring. 

For the Garden Planner — Seed Club Pro Membership ($20/box)
A variety of seeds with soil blocks

If you know a gardener just itching to get started on their garden, try this monthly seed starting box. Choose the growing medium, location, sunlight, and experience level of the gardener giftee. They’ll receive five varieties of seeds (plus everything else they need) curated for their garden and the current planting season.  Starting seeds couldn’t be easier!

For the Houseplant Collector — The Plant Club (from $45.83/box)

We love this monthly gift box for anyone who treasures houseplants. Each month, The Plant Club will send a new plant with care instructions and a “Plant Story,” an id tag, a goodie kit, soil and a decorative container for your new plant baby. Perfect for your friend who’s building an indoor oasis. 

For the Trendy Plant Lover On Your List — Succulents Box (from $4.95/box)

Succulents are all the rage in houseplants right now, and if you have someone on your list who appreciates them, they’ll love this subscription. Choose one to four succulents, with or without terra cotta pots. Your friend will get everything they need to grow a unique succulent they may not offer at the local garden center.

For That Person Who Always Needs to be Different — Air Plants Monthly Club (from $19.99/box)
A close-up of two air plants

Air plants are truly unique, so get this gift box for the person on your list who likes to try something new. Each box comes with four or more air plants. You won’t find these at your local nursery. Some of the selections create pups, others bloom, and all are truly unusual and hard to find. 

For Your Friend Who Doesn’t Want to Do The Work — Cactique Boutique Box (from $27.25/box)
A cactus in a green pot surrounded by cactus stickers and a shipping box

This box of cacti and succulents comes with a container already perfectly arranged with specimens. We won’t say it’s for your lazy friend, but maybe the one who prefers admiring plants to crafting. They’ll get care instructions too, so this is great for beginners. 


Gardeners love home and kitchen too, so try these unique subscription box ideas for cooking, baking, and seasonal decorations. 

For That One Person Who Always Has Their Holiday Decorations Out Too Early — Habitation Box ($80/box)

Get a monthly box of 4-6 pieces of seasonal decor curated by a professional interior designer, or upgrade to the Habitation Elite subscription for even more goodies. Boxes include handmade, eco-friendly seasonal and holiday-themed pieces sourced from small businesses. What an easy way to add a little charm to your abode!

For the Friend Missing Their Home in the Mountains — Appalachian Mercantile (from $45/box)

This monthly regional gift box ships food and other products from small businesses in Appalachian states. Your friend will get a taste of home, or their favorite vacation spot, with BBQ sauce, grits, roasted nuts, and more. Boxes include a recipe to try and home goods like handmade soaps or wooden utensils. 

For Your Friend Who Binge-Watches The Great British Baking Show — Bake Eat Love’s Original Baking Kit (from $36.50/box)
Labelled bags full of baking supplies like flour, sprinkles, sugar.

Your baking enthusiast friends will love to get this box every month. Each kit comes with pre-measured ingredients, instructions, and at least one kitchen tool to add to their collection. Choose from one, three, six, or twelve boxes for a new treat every month. 

For the Person Who Has Permanent Wanderlust — Roaming Radish Global Cooking Box (from $44/box)
Five spice bags, a jar of wild honey, and a jar of olives

This box will bring your gift recipient to a new world destination each month. Each box comes with the non-perishable ingredients and recipe cards. A recent box includes ingredients from South India and recipes for spiced potatoes, vegetable stew, coconut soup, and lentil pancakes. Yum! 


This list of gift boxes includes soaps, scents, and everything necessary to relax and unwind all year long. These are perfect for those people on your list who need to decompress. 

For the Friend Who Always Chooses a Bath Over a Shower — Bath Bevy Box (from $39.57/box)
A holiday themed box with holiday-inspired bubble bath, bath salts, bath bombs, and soaps

This delightful subscription includes five to seven bath-related items. Each month brings a new collection of soaps, bath bombs, bath salts, scrubs, and more. And for those friends who like to pamper themselves but don’t have time for baths, choose the tubless box. 

For the Person Who Thrives on Self-Care — Self Blossom Box (from $53/box)

The Self Blossom Box is a curated collection of self-care and personal growth items, delivered monthly, or just once. The person who’s always going on about personal improvement will enjoy the monthly book, inspiring craft projects, and products crafted by socially-conscious small businesses. 

For Your Friend Who Always Has Fancy Soaps in the Powder Room — Merkaela Handmade Soap Box (from $24/quarter)

The sweet smell of self-care! In each box from Merkaela the suds-lover in your life will receive three natural, organic handmade soaps, plus a meditation and music playlist to align their mind, body, and spirit. Crafted and curated with care, this box arrives once every three months – just in time for new seasonal scents.

For the Person Who Always Goes for the Herbal Supplement — Apothecary Monthly (from $36.95/box)

Friends who love natural healing will appreciate this monthly gift box. Each one focuses on a seasonal herb and comes with the ingredients and instructions needed to make botanical remedies. Created by Southern Seed Exchange, the experts who put together this box are standing by to answer any questions. 

For the Person Who Loves Aromatherapy — Sixth Scents Essential Oil Set (from $50/box)
A wooden box of six essential oils

Scents can be therapy. Try this monthly subscription for your friend who knows that. Each box comes with six different 100% pure essential oils specially selected to match the mood of the month. This USA-made gift comes in earth-conscious packaging and 6% of the profits go to small farmers around the globe.   


Your crafty friends and family will appreciate these project-based subscription boxes. They include embroidery kits, nature sketching, and options for both beginners and seasoned crafters. 

For the Friend Who’s Always Knitting — Knit-Wise Monthly (from $30/box)
Five spools of yarn with knitting needles and a gift box

We all know someone like this. They’ll even knit at a party, if they can get away with it. This subscription box includes everything your friend needs to create an accessory or home item, like cute coasters! This box is great for novice knitters or skilled stitchers. Customize the kit for their experience level and choose either crochet or knitting for projects they will love.

For Beginning Crafters Who’d Like to Try Something New — The Hopebroidery Box ($45/month)
Seven different embroidery hoops with various embroidered designs

This box includes a monthly embroidery project and is designed for beginners to the art form. Each box has everything needed to complete one project, including fabric, scissors, needle and threader, embroidery hoop, and embroidery floss. Choose from one or three months. 

For the Person Who Posts Their Projects on IG — Craft In Style Kit (from $30.75/box)

This craft box is customizable – perfect for picky giftees!  They can choose projects that suit their interests and each month they’ll receive everything they need to make a social media-worthy craft.

For Someone Who Has an Inner Artist Longing to Create — Nature Sketch Crate (from $43/box)

More arty than crafty, this box provides everything needed to make ink and watercolor works of art. The theme is nature, including images of animals and plants. Your gift recipient will get easy instructions, sketching lessons, and all the materials needed to make these wall-worthy works of art. 


For kids and for the pet-lovers on your list, these boxes will thrill. 

For the Kid Who Digs Reading — Kids Monthly Book Box (from $21.95/month)
A bookaroo box with two childrens' books

The little bookworm in your life will love this subscription. You choose the reading level (from board books to chapter books) and each month your child will receive beautifully gift-wrapped books that help your little one grow their mind. 

For the Kid With Perpetually Dirty hands — Think Outside Box For Kids (from $44.50/box)

This outdoorsy box is great for the kid on your list who prefers to go out and dig in the dirt or play in the woods rather than sit indoors. Each box teaches real-life skills for exploring and surviving in the great outdoors. The subscription begins with a starter kit, including the gear and introductory lessons a child needs to enjoy a year’s worth of outside lessons and adventures. 

For the Kid Who Would Rather Go to a Museum — Box Of Matter (from $37.46/box)
A space-themed box with a space blanket, tiger's eye, and various vials

Choose this gift box for the science-lover in your life. Each month brings new items from all over the world that will help a curious child build their own mini-museum at home. These include fossils, minerals, and artifacts. Your favorite future scientist will also get lessons, tools, and instructions for investigating and conducting experiments. 

For Your Furry Best Friend — PupJoy Power Chewers Box (from $37/box)

Your dog, or dog-loving friend, will appreciate this monthly box of artisan toys and treats. Each box comes packed with goodies customized for your playful pup. Plus, part of every purchase goes toward helping animals in need. No wonder this box was the winner of the Purina Pet Care Innovation Award.

For Your Favorite Cat Lady — Crazy CatLadyBox (from $39.99/box)
A cat-themed shirt, a cat mug, bowls with the writing "every day is caturday"

Crazy cat ladies (and their cats) will go gaga for this gift! Each box is filled with ameowzing items for your favorite cat momma and her fur baby. CatLadyBox donates to different cat rescues each month, so your purrchase helps cats in need.  

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