25 Last Minute Gifts On Amazon: Last Minute Gift Guide For Plant Lovers


Do last minute gift decisions present a conundrum for you? Nobody wants one of those during the holidays! So, here’s a great, big list of the very coolest last-minute gifts for everyone we care about. Okay, maybe we’re a little biased, but everyone loves garden-related gifts, whether they need a brand new challenge, or believe themselves to be experienced pros like some of the (amateur) gardeners in my family. So, don’t panic.

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One large houseplant, four succulents, a sticker that reads "Plant Your Happy Place," and a teal watering can.

How about a gift of purified indoor air that doesn’t require you to lift a finger? Ready to enjoy – no fussing, choosing, buying, planting, making a mess – three or four healthy, sweet plants shipped to a special person is a reminder of your thoughtful nature, and will freshen their indoor air long after Santa leaves.

Maybe you remember macrame plant hangers from the 60s and 70s – I do. But, things are different now. Having a full set of these beautifully crafted plant hangers is way back in style for houseplant lovers. A perfect touch of retro décor, especially for those who have limited space, they adjust to any size pot. They make a room feel boho and current, especially when hung as a group. A small indoor jungle comes to mind.

4 stacked white plastic pots next to one white plastic pot with a plant in it.

This 5-pack of creamy white pots makes a perfect gift for houseplant enthusiasts with a flair for Scandinavian design. African violets, herbs, succulents and cacti go great in these 6 inch pots, which add clean modern style to any home. 

This shiny copper watering can makes a beautiful holiday gift for the quality-conscious houseplant lover in your life. Lush, full houseplants can be challenging to water, but this ergonomically designed can with a long gooseneck spout makes it easy. Plus, it looks great sitting on a shelf or nestled amongst plants.

A white plastic speckled watering can.

Now, consider the more practical indoor gardeners on your list. This plastic watering can is made to last and holds a whopping gallon of water. Designed for the serious plant grower, this heavy-duty waterer is a welcome gift for those who mean business when it comes to giving accurately-targeted drinks to lots of plants.

6 terra cotta watering stakes.

Okay, stay with me here. A terra cotta watering stake, when you plunge the pointed end into soil, makes a little moisture tunnel next to your plant. Place a bottle of water upside down on top of the open end to slowly deep-water a plant, even at root level. Now your plant parent friend can go on vacation without having to worry about thirsty neglected houseplants. These also work great for plants in hot environments.

Personal Recommendations:
I absolutely love these terra cotta watering stakes! They are so easy to use and keep our indoor and balcony plants alive when we go on trips. We’ve started loaning them out to neighbors when they go out of town – everyone loves them! -Allie, GKH Manager of Direct Sales

Surely you know someone who can’t seem to keep a houseplant alive. There are many of us for whom buying a houseplant means the kiss of death for the poor plant. But how can we know what one plant wants and the other doesn’t? Finally, someone did it! She wrote a book that simply and elegantly removes the confusion for those of us who so desperately need it. What a great gift.

Personal Recommendations:
I am into How Not To Kill Your Houseplant!  It is simple in nature but… it also suggests companion plants that require the same soil and light. -Amy, GKH Digital Community Manager

I’ll admit it – I just ordered a set of these succulent pots for myself. Maybe I’ll give one away. If you know someone who loves succulents, or who really needs to be introduced to them, this is the perfect gift. More like a dish than a pot, the simple clean lines are perfect for displaying the intricate beauty of succulents. Bamboo trays protect the table. A perfect gift for that person who just needs a pretty touch of nature indoors.

Six succulent pots, each with different hand painted designs.

Don’t just fly past this one – a collection of six little ceramic succulent pots is a fantastic gift, especially for someone with limited plant space. Beautifully made, and each one unique, they’re a great style statement for a windowsill. This is a perfectly trendy gift for beginning gardeners, or if you’re already a succulent fan, you know how handy these are. Plus, they look expensive – and they’re not. Be sure to include some healthy succulents to go with.  

Someone you know either already loves Bonsai, or needs a new hobby. But this isn’t just any old bonsai kit. It comes with four kinds of tree seeds and everything you need to get started, but even more amazing is that this kit has its own Facebook community, a Grower Help Bot, and a team of experts for support. Help your loved one start a rewarding new hobby and be their designated favorite gifter this year.

Spade to fork! Promote your penchant for organic gardening and eating. Your favorite culinary enthusiast will love this planting system kit. Everything is included for germinating and growing healthy sustainable produce indoors on a windowsill or even a countertop. This is a wonderful way to get a vegetable garden started – and who knows, maybe you’ll get a dinner invite. 


A lot of us became even more hyper-interested in gardening these past two years. Maybe you know someone who would absolutely love to get a passel of garden tools in one heavy-duty bag, complete with organizer and gloves. This 8-piece set gets great reviews for quality and affordability, and will make a newbie feel like a real pro.

Pruners with a red handle.

If you’re looking for some high-end pruners, check out these babies. The best on the market, these pruners aren’t usually even available at big home improvement stores. They last forever, are super-easy to use and come with their own handy holster. Real experts wouldn’t even try to use anything else, so you may want to indulge in this not-so-cheap tool for someone you really care about.

Every time I peel an orange, make a soup or munch on a fresh carrot, I think about my composting methods and how I could improve them. Along comes this compost bin – it sits on the counter or can be hung – and it covers all the things I gripe about. It doesn’t latch, so if my hands are full I can still pop something in there, but the lid seals down perfectly. This is a great gift for anyone who composts kitchen scraps. Basically, it’s a no-problem bin and comes in more than one size. Someone you know needs this.

“Well the weather outside is frightful…” (I’ll bet that song will ring in your ears all day). In this weather, extending the growing season can be challenging. Your gardener friend will appreciate keeping sensitive plants and newly planted trees happy and safe with this plant blanket. What makes it different? It’s made from a light polypropylene that allows air in, but is so strong it can protect against inches of torrential snow and rain. Easy to cut and re-size, it’s also great in spring for protecting tender seedlings. 

“I was able to cover my garden and had leftover material…” -Amazon reviewer 

I can’t imagine anyone who would not want something this cool. A chair that’s a comfy hammock can be hung inside or out, for a relaxing, suspended moment of reflecting on beautiful things, like gardens, puppies and Christmas pipedreams. If it’s too cold to swing outside under a tree, your happy recipient can use it indoors and dream of breezy summer days. You will be thanked many times over. 


A dinosaur statue with many tiny gnomes crawling on it, and gnomes in the dinosaur's mouth.

Everyone has a friend or relative with a bizarre or hilarious sense of humor. Some of us just aren’t that fond of cutesy little gnomes in the garden, and would much prefer this dinosaur who has the same attitude. Okay, we’re listing this under gifts for kids, but really, don’t you have a favorite uncle who would adore this garish garden art? It’s a great gift for kids of any age and makes a funny statement that you can’t un-see.

Do you know a little one who might love to get an early gardening start? Send her this STEM-inspired terrarium for Christmas. The kit includes soil and seeds, fairy tale figurines (with paint and brushes), garden stones and fairy lights. Your favorite kiddo can create a tiny ecosystem with real plants that will pop up in a couple days. This is a great early-life nature project that imprints a long-lasting hands-on memory of how nature works. 

Some of the littles in your life will spend hours designing and redesigning these bright toy flower arrangements. Lead and BPA-free plastic, the flower parts and pieces come in rich colors and have flexible stems. Great for kids who love to play with small parts that fit together, this is an awesome gift for future designers and engineers. It includes a flower pot, a storage case and bases to hold the creations upright. Comes with a 20% off coupon and is an Amazon favorite.


The more hummingbirds that come to visit, the better, right? This bright red feeder has five ports so you can feed a flock of the tiny creatures at once. With two to a package, hang them from your eaves or shepherd’s hook and enjoy the show. It’s the best entertainment you can get for the price. Bonus features: Easy to fill and clean, they don’t need to be turned upside down, and they don’t leak.

Three woven grass bird houses.

These really lovely, natural birdhouses placed on a tree branch invite finches to claim some real estate. Hang or secure them where hummers can duck in out of the weather. Pretty and handmade, they’re beautifully woven from natural hibiscus grass, and provide valuable shelter for birds who need a place to hide when wind and weather gets difficult. Besides being functional, they’re lovely to look at and are a charming addition to someone’s yard or garden. In packs of three, they make an unusual and unexpected gift.

An image of a cat with cat grass.

Everyone knows a cat lover. Here’s a kit for the cat who has everything. All cats need an occasional chew on fresh grass to help their digestion. Seeds and soil and a container to grow sweet organic oat grass make for a private feline indoor garden. Why do cats love this stuff? I don’t know, but they do. It’s especially great for cats who like to chew on houseplants; the sweet grass provides vitamins and minerals that healthy cats need. This company is extremely conscientious about child and pet safety. The cat lover on your list will be delighted.


Yellow waterproof clogs with a rooster pattern.

Have you ever, ever seen garden shoes this incredibly cute? Someone on your shopping list will be thrilled with a pair of these from thoughtful you. Designs include chickens, flowers, dogs, horses, hummingbirds, cows, polka dots – and even plain black. Look at all of them – you’ll see a design to strike joy in the heart of anyone on your shopping list. They’re built for quality and stability in the garden, but honestly, the art is everything. 

Dark blue socks with red toes and heels. Include a flower pattern and the phrase "Flower Power"

Golfers, gardeners, yogis and super-moms love socks – everyone loves socks. These are 85 percent cotton and will hold up longer and stronger than you might think. The specialized themes are embellished with pretty art and cute sayings – there’s nothing not to like about these, including the price.

7 illustrated plants from Harry Potter, with "Herbology" written above them. Shirt is displayed with a white shirt in a men's fit, or a pink shirt in a women's fit.

If you want to make someone happy with a Harry Potter herbology t-shirt, order it now because these lovely things aren’t stamped out and stacked up somewhere, but are printed on demand. If you know a favorite wizard or witch, or just someone who loves the magic of herbs, this beautiful licensed t-shirt will be a welcome, unexpected holiday gift that will last for years. Made for both men and women, it comes in four colors. I want one.

Hopefully, a quick scan through these 25 simple-to-order items will help you get your shopping finished up easily and early so you can kick back and thoroughly enjoy all the good holiday vibes this year. Stay healthy, happy and light.

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