The Most Thoughtful Holiday Gifts Ever – Gift A Flower Subscription and Bouquet Delivery This Holiday Season


You know the feeling. You open the door and someone gently hands you a bouquet of fresh, exquisitely beautiful flowers. The blooms nearly vibrate with color, the garden-scent creates an ambience that wasn’t there just a few minutes earlier. Maybe it’s too flowery to say, but the great thing about fresh flower bouquets is they excite all our sensibilities.

Wouldn’t such a welcome experience be a wonderful way to honor someone you know and care for every month of the year?

Right now is the season when we’re pondering the most thoughtful and pleasing gifts for the people we love, and there’s nothing more appreciated than a monthly delivery of brilliant fresh flowers. The vibrant colors are almost surreal, the cool greens slightly moist and fragrant.

Sustainably Grown

Flowers with a conscience: Expertly curated floral subscriptions and gifts that are sustainably grown and ethically harvested from farms around the world.

You need to know about this – BloomsyBox is truly an extraordinary company with a conscience. They care deeply about how their flowers are grown. They’re cognizant about best practices for the planet and, maybe most importantly, they care for their workers on farms around the globe. BloomsyBox has invested deeply in certified-sustainable farms and ethical harvesting. They provide their employees with fair wages, benefits and clean, safe working conditions. They control water waste, prohibit contaminating chemicals, and fertilize organically. We wish more companies were this conscientious. You can truly feel good about shopping here!

Next Day Delivery!

BloomsyBox offers next day flower bouquet delivery. That in itself is pretty astonishing in our current climate of uncertainty. If you pre-order, your garden-fresh bouquet will arrive right in time for the holiday season. It’s cold and wintry – the doorbell rings and a bundle of beautiful flowers brightens the day of someone important to you. There’s just nothing that compares.

Let’s take a look at how many ways you can make someone, or yourself, tremendously happy this winter, and all year long.


There’s nothing more exhilarating than receiving fresh flowers every month. An ongoing gift of a fresh flower subscription is such a generous expression of who you are. Here are just some of our best flower subscription recommendations from the amazing folks at BloomsyBox.

Flowers to Inspire and Say Thanks — Bloomsy Original ($49.99 monthly)
A shipping box with a red and white bouquet.

For someone you truly appreciate, send a different and extraordinary surprise every month. The Bloomsy Original subscription promises unique and perfectly blended combinations of some of the most stunning flowers on the planet. Really. Each month is different – expect roses here, mums there, maybe a lily or a specimen that even we can’t pronounce… whatever is most beautiful each month.

For the Person Closest To Your Heart — Bloomsy Roses ($49.99 monthly)
A shipping box with a bouquet of pink roses.

Roses symbolize love – go ahead and give it all you’ve got. Remind your favorite person how you feel every single month with a fragrant bouquet of nature’s most romantic flowers, picked fresh from the farm within the last few days. You really are the sweetest!

For Your Favorite Earth-Friendly Friend — The NYBG Subscription ($69.99 monthly)

BloomsyBox’s NYBG fresh flower subscription is an extraordinary gift. World-renowned New York Botanical Garden floral experts collaborate with BloomsyBox to curate stunning bouquets that change with the seasons. This flower subscription service even includes a special-edition, collectable postcard with beautiful botanical illustrations from NYBG’s famous library. Best of all, a percentage of your purchase provides a donation to NYBG’s work in plant science and conservation

You’re So Thoughtful! Remind Someone You Care — Bloomsy Premium ($54.99 monthly)
A red and white bouquet in a shipping box.

Delivered like clockwork to your favorite business, friend or relative, Bloomsy Premium promises a large mix of the most colorful flowers as a beautiful reminder of what a great friend/fan you are. These are the big bouquets – a mélange of lilies, roses or whatever is most vibrant each month. It’s a little over the top, but….

Flowers For Pet Parents — Pet-Safe Blooms ($49.99 monthly)
A red and white bouquet in a shipping box.

We all know someone whose pets are dear to their hearts – these carefully curated exquisite flowers won’t hurt pets who want to sniff, nibble, shake and maybe even destroy them. A Pet-Safe subscription will keep your favorite pet lovers’ homes fresh and lovely, and they can relax knowing these posies pose no threat to their critters.

When You Just Can’t Say It Often Enough — Bloomsy Bi-Weekly ($49.99 bi-weekly)

Maybe you want to make a point with more frequent deliveries. Choose the ever-changing beautiful hand-tied bouquets that BloomsyBox will deliver promptly every other week. Light up someone’s space a bit more often with the multi-colored beauty of these magnificent bouquets. Perfect for a favorite business, or even for a loved one who’s housebound. We guarantee someone will love you for this.

For The Avid Green Thumb Houseplant Gardener — Plant Subscription ($59.99 monthly)
A shipping box with six houseplants

You know someone like this – there’s never enough greenery in the house! A BloomsyBox Plant Subscription, promises a gorgeous and vibrant plant each month to add to that indoor energy oasis. Delivered cool, fresh and vigorous, these hearty specimens will thrill the heart of any good plant parent who gets to adopt them.


For Your Favorite Elves — Holly Jolly Bouquet ($64.99)

Channeling all the delights and wonder of the holiday season, BloomsyBox’s Holly Jolly arrangement brings it home. The deep reds of ranunculus, roses and scarlet scabiosa interwoven with smooth hypericum berries create an unmistakable symbol of holiday cheer, regardless of what your elves look like or do.

So You Can’t Make It to the Family Gathering — Home For The Holidays Bouquet ($54.99)

We can’t always show up for every family event – say you’re sorry, or just let them know you’re thinking of them with gorgeous white roses and dark red hypericum. The Home for the Holidays bouquet is a perfect gesture, and we promise it will be a happy surprise – with or without you.

For Holiday Fanatics – Joy To Their World — Merry Berry Bouquet ($74.99)

Bloomsy’s whimsical Merry Berry arrangement is so festive! Red roses and crimson berries with dashes of white lisianthus and lilies – it reminds us of what the holidays are all about. This fun and unmistakably jolly balance of textures and bright colors will lift the celebration to new heights – I’m hearing carols.

For The Romantic Chionophile — Silent Nights Bouquet ($54.99)
A red and white bouquet.

BloomsyBox says their Silent Nights arrangement is inspired by peaceful winter evenings that evoke calmness and gratitude. Crimson red roses and gerbera adorned with an intertwined “snowy” garland of white stock are reminders of winters past and all the quiet peace the holiday season can bring. Goes well with raucous winter parties, too.

For The Floral Gourmet On Your List — Premium Sugar and Spice ($69.99)
A red and white bouquet.

Sugar and spice bouquet is a brilliant premium bouquet from the clever people at BloomsyBox. With its white-sugar calla lilies, spicy eucalyptus and delicious red roses this bouquet will warm up any room or holiday table! Enjoy the contrasts and soothing scents as you watch the roses’ snug buds open into perfect exquisite blooms. Just like the winter holidays, it’s a joy to behold. offers a wide range of the highest quality flowers, plants and subscription plans. There are way too many floral varieties to describe in this one rather long-winded article. You can choose among Original, Deluxe and Premium subscriptions, and have them sent weekly, bi-weekly or monthly – whatever makes sense for your lucky recipient and your budget.

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