The Most Thoughtful Holiday Gifts Ever - Gift A Flower Subscription and Bouquet Delivery This Holiday Season

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You know the feeling. You open the door and someone gently hands you a bouquet of fresh, exquisitely beautiful flowers. The blooms nearly vibrate with color, the garden-scent creates an ambience that wasn’t there just a few minutes earlier. Maybe it’s too flowery to say, but the great thing about fresh flower bouquets is they excite all our sensibilities.

Wouldn’t such a welcome experience be a wonderful way to honor someone you know and care for every month of the year?

Right now is the season when we’re pondering the most thoughtful and pleasing gifts for the people we love, and there’s nothing more appreciated than a monthly delivery of brilliant fresh flowers. The vibrant colors are almost surreal, the cool greens slightly moist and fragrant.

Sustainably Grown

Flowers with a conscience: Expertly curated floral subscriptions and gifts that are sustainably grown and ethically harvested from farms around the world.

You need to know about this - BloomsyBox is truly an extraordinary company with a conscience. They care deeply about how their flowers are grown. They’re cognizant about best practices for the planet and, maybe most importantly, they care for their workers on farms around the globe. BloomsyBox has invested deeply in certified-sustainable farms and ethical harvesting. They provide their employees with fair wages, benefits and clean, safe working conditions. They control water waste, prohibit contaminating chemicals, and fertilize organically. We wish more companies were this conscientious. You can truly feel good about shopping here!

Next Day Delivery!

BloomsyBox offers next day flower bouquet delivery. That in itself is pretty astonishing in our current climate of uncertainty. If you pre-order, your garden-fresh bouquet will arrive right in time for the holiday season. It’s cold and wintry – the doorbell rings and a bundle of beautiful flowers brightens the day of someone important to you. There’s just nothing that compares.

Let’s take a look at how many ways you can make someone, or yourself, tremendously happy this winter, and all year long.


There’s nothing more exhilarating than receiving fresh flowers every month. An ongoing gift of a fresh flower subscription is such a generous expression of who you are. Here are just some of our best flower subscription recommendations from the amazing folks at BloomsyBox.

BOUQUETS offers a wide range of the highest quality flowers, plants and subscription plans. There are way too many floral varieties to describe in this one rather long-winded article. You can choose among Original, Deluxe and Premium subscriptions, and have them sent weekly, bi-weekly or monthly – whatever makes sense for your lucky recipient and your budget.

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Caroline Bloomfield
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