40 Gifts From Small Businesses For Every Gardener On Your List

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Are you looking to shop small this holiday season? This might be just the list for you. Uncommon Goods, an online shop promoting creative goods from artists and craftspeople, boasts a one of a kind seed saving kit, beautiful swimming koi sculptures, useful kitchen garden shears, and much more. All their products are creative gifts that impart a love of life and nature’s bounty. We at Gardening Know How recognize the value of supporting small businesses and bringing a whole lot of joy to the holiday season in a sustainable retail cycle. 

Here at Gardening Know How we want to keep you in the know. If you make a purchase through one of the links below, we may collect commission or other compensation at no extra cost to you. All prices are accurate as of the publishing date of this article.


For the plant parent who’s also a bookworm — Plant Propagation Bookends ($60-80)
Two wooden bookends with plant propagation tubes

Plant devotees tend to do their research to keep their plant babies happy. Give the gift of these glass, maple, and walnut bookends featuring cuttings from their favorite flora to keep all those tomes tidy. Handsome and handy, these bookends are sure to please any plant enthusiast. 

For the Oh-So-Cool Urban Gardener — Fire Escape Shelf ($129)

Never a dull moment in the present universe, this shelf is urban kitchiness personified. Featuring epoxy coated iron that really does look like the real deal in miniature, the shelf unit is perfect for plants, pictures, art, and more. One of the most unique gifts for home and garden. 

For the Friend Who Can’t Keep a Plant Alive — Stained Glass Succulent Leaf Set ($90-110)
Two pots with stained glass leaves.

Can’t keep real plants alive? Get a touch of nature in the form of this artistic stained glass rendering of either an aloe or a snake plant. A classy light-catching sculpture of succulent plants that need even less water than the real thing!

For the Girlfriend Who’s Obsessed with Pillows — Cactus Bloom Throw Pillows ($32-45)

These cuties are chubby versions of real life cacti that won’t prick or harm. Instead they are felted from locally sourced wool that imparts cozy Southwest whimsy without pain. Snuggle up with one of these and read about the American deserts and other Wild West tales. 

For the Cousin Who’s Obsessed with Candles — Succulent Garden Candle ($50)
A wooden bowl with candle wax inside shaped like mini succulents

Handmade in Texas by crafty Megan Reep, this lightly scented candle display would look at home with the Cactus Throw Pillows for a Southwestern nod to succulents and their infinite diversity. The soy blend wax burns brightly for 40 hours of enjoyment, while adding a fresh beachy aroma to the home. The hand carved wooden vessel is useful  for knickknacks long after the wax has gone. 

For the Fiancé Who Adds Avocado to Everything — Avocado Tree Sprouter ($34)

Toast, salads, smoothies, facials…avocados make everything better! Sprout discarded pits (we know you have plenty) with this set of two handcrafted stoneware sprouters. Grow as houseplants, or if you live in a warm climate, plant seedlings outside and harvest your homegrown fruit.


For the Dad Whose Back Needs a Break — Gardener’s Tool Seat ($46)

Gardening is hard work, but this handy seat gives you a place to rest your weary caboose. Made of lightweight steel and sturdy nylon, it has a detachable bag with 21 different sized pockets. Easy to carry and foldable, this little stool is sure to be an indispensable item in the garden.  

For the Sister Who Goes Overboard at the Farmer’s Market — Farmer’s Market and Harvesting Bag ($78)

Always get more than you need at the farmer’s market? A waxed canvas tote carries loads of fresh produce, and is a real helper during harvest time. The best feature? The bottom opens so you can drop your spoils out easily. Durable and classy, the bag will be your best friend during the growing season and beyond. 

For the Friend Who Wants to Be More Sustainable — Gardener’s Seed Saving Kit ($28)

Now why didn’t I think of that? Everything you need to save and catalog your seeds is included in this fantastic kit. Envelopes, tins, labels, and a handy chart with instructions on successful seed saving are all included. All you need to do is take a little time to preserve your favorite flower or heirloom veggie seeds. In spring, you are all organized and ready to plant!

For the Novice Gardener — Sunflower Garden Grow Kit ($12)
An egg carton with soil packs, seed packs, and markers, alongside a vase of sunflowers.

Beautifully packaged, this sunflower kit has everything you need to grow one of the most impactful plants in the garden. Sporting 6 varieties of sunflower, including the must have Mammoth variety, you can sprout seeds in a recycled egg carton. Soon your landscape will be a sea of yellow and golden hues, guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. 

For the Budding Gardener — Kid’s Garden Journal ($15)
A teal journal titled "Kids Garden Journal"

This journal gets little ones away from screens and into the garden. With a year’s worth of DIY and gardening projects, this interactive book is the holy grail for stay-at-home parents trying to educate and entertain their kids.

For the Neighbor Who Always Cuts His Grass Before Everyone Else — Grass Gauge ($18)
A gauge with different grass heights indicated.

If you are like me and are a touch neurotic about keeping a tidy lawn, this grass gauge will tell you when it’s time to mow. The tongue-in-cheek notations are cute and funny, but also a useful reminder that frequent mowing allows you to return nutrients back to the soil, resulting in a greener and healthier lawn. Crafted from partially recycled stainless steel, the gauge will stand up to your watering schedule without showing wear. 

For the Grandma Who Likes the Gentle Tinkling of Chimes — Rainbow Ceramic Chime Duo ($84)

The garden is a vision of beauty, but also a place for peaceful sounds. These charming chimes add appeal to the landscape with pastel colors and a calming soundscape. Handmade and fired, each disc is a different hue, with tones that are sure to enhance the outdoor experience. Artist Lindsey Bricker’s chimes will enchant you with their distinctive, natural form. 


For the Brother Who’s Interested in Beekeeping — Solitary Bee Hive ($40)

Honeybees get all the publicity, but there are other beneficial pollinators such as Mason and leafcutter bees for whom you should put out the Welcome mat. This bee house is literally a condo with separate floors to invite friendly pollinators. Made of sustainably sourced wood, each level comes apart for cleaning or inspection. Plus, this bee house is a real beaut. 

For the Aunt with the Amazing Pollinator Garden — Bee Drinking Garden Ball ($55)

Bees need more than nectar to keep them buzzing. They also need water, and they can get it from this imaginative orb. The textured surface catches dew and irrigation water, providing a place for bees to get a sip. Colorfully hued in sunset tones of gold and orange, it is a piece of art for anyone who cares about our Apis friends. 

For the Uncle Who’s Trying to Attract Orioles — Birdie Fruit Feeder ($62)

We all know the importance of a balanced diet, and it is especially true with our bird and animal friends. Many species of bird need more than bugs and seeds to live their best birdie lives. The arty design of this hanging feeder has plenty of places to adorn with fresh fruit. From the mind of Catherine Murphy, the decorative copper feeder will age to a pleasant patina, while providing essential meals for our feathered visitors. 

For the Father-in-Law Who Wishes He Had A Koi Pond — Swimming Koi Sculptures ($30-85)
Blue koi sculptures.

Don’t have a koi pond? No problem with this blue or red-orange glazed ceramic garden art. The fish is designed to have the feeling of motion as it swims in the water, all wiggly and natural. It’s a super charming feature you can use in garden beds, perched on the attached stakes. Each is handmade and completely unique. 

For the Toddler Who Is Gaga for Giraffes Right Now — Coconut Fiber Giraffe Planter ($65)
A coconut fiber giraffe planter with a plant in its back.

Color me tickled. This adorable planter handmade from coconut fiber in the Philippines is an unusual and charming way to display your plant. Because each is hand crafted, each one will be slightly different, just like you or your gift recipient. Cute gardening gifts like this support individual businesses. 

For the Friend Who is Proud of Her Home State — Birds and Blooms Art – Individual States ($80)

For those proud of their state, this memento of the flora and fauna of the region is priceless. Anna Branning and Mara Murphy hand paint every design, with a look that captures the old-fashioned art of botanical books. They are available in a Black Bonanza wood or barnyard finished frame. The website contains a handy link to identify the bird and flower of every state. 


For the Cousin Who is Hooked on Puzzles — Vintage Succulents Puzzle ($22)

The infinite varieties of succulents are reflected in the 1000-piece puzzle. The pictures are straight out of an old-fashioned botanical book. Glue it all together when you are done to make a beautiful piece of art honoring our prickly, chubby, alien-like succulent pals. Gifts from small businesses are thoughtful and sustain economic diversity. 

For the Other Cousin Who Likes DIY Crafts — Mini Terrariums DIY Kit ($20)

Charming felted succulents to build into mini terrariums. There are 18 different plants to create, each with their own personality and whimsy. Hand drawn chalk detailing brings them to life. For a more realistic appeal, each is nestled in a bed of tiny white rocks. 

For the Niece or Nephew Who Likes Cacti But Not Getting Pricked — Handmade Crochet Cactus with Pot ($35)

An adorable home gift to bring a touch of the Southwest into your home. Each features a ceramic pot and comes in one of several varieties like Saguaro, Barrel Cactus, or Domino. And you don’t need to water them!

For the Grandchild Who’s Learning the 50 States — State Flowers Coloring Book ($11.99 SALE)
A coloring book titled "state flowers of America."

Laden with facts about the United States, this book will become a child’s artistic canvas as they learn about our beautiful country. Every page will fill their head with more and more of the wonderful secrets of this great land. 

For the Friend Who Celebrates Her Whole Birthday Month — Birth Month Flower Paint by Numbers Kit ($30)
12 examples of painted state flowers, along with a full kit of an un-painted flower, paint pots, and brushes.

Unique gifts for home and garden appeal to almost everyone, like this floral painting set. Every month celebrates a flower that connotes certain traits. Select the recipient’s month and soon they will be merrily painting a veritable masterpiece. A thoughtful and relevant gift that also creates art suitable for framing.

For the Daughter-in-Law Who Likes Pretty Things That Are Also Eco-Friendly — Dried Flower Wreath DIY Kit ($50)
A dried flower wreath.

Sustainably sourced beauty to grace the wall or door is at your fingertips. Krista Freita’s kit is sourced from local farms and includes everything you need for a long lasting wreath. Made in Oregon, the willow frame, flowers, and foliage are grown from seed in ecologically friendly surroundings that will grace the home with elegant splendor. 

For the Mother Who Wants to Start a New Hobby — Budding Artistry Flower Arranging ($25-60)

Learn a new skill in just 90 minutes! Perfect for the impatient DIY-er, this virtual class teaches the beginner the joy of peaceful flower arranging. The unique experience will introduce the meditative calm of selecting flowers and putting them in pleasing designs. You choose your own blooms, foliage, and vase, so each creation is unique to you. 

For the Grandmother Who Visits All the Local Craft Shows — Garden of Love Serving Bowl ($175)
A serving bowl with handpainted flowers on the outside and "seeds of love and friendship grow into beautiful blooms" written on the inside.

Gifts from small businesses celebrate the talents of artists, like this wonderful bowl. Unique and individual, these bowls feature pressed lilies and baby’s breath on stone clayware. The brainchild of Neena Jhaveri, this bowl is rustic and natural, perfect compliments to the floral decor. Handmade in Virginia, the bowl would suit an elegant salad, array of fresh fruit, or simply stand alone as a display piece. 

For the Husband Who Needs His Morning Cup of Coffee — Tree Hugging Mug ($24.99-39.99)

Can’t function without some Joe? These handmade mugs are perfect to house that all important morning beverage. Enjoy your java in a forest-inspired stoneware cup that holds in all that tummy warming heat and won’t tip over. These individually etched tree mugs make great creative Christmas gifts. 

For the Wife Who Makes Wishes Come True — Floating Wish Dandelion Earrings ($55)
A pair of gold earrings with dandelions floating in resin.

Remember blowing those fluffy, umbrella-like seeds from dandelions and making a wish? These earrings keep the seeds close to hand for daily desires. Housed in eco-resin flanked by beautiful gold plated bronze, the earrings are classy and elegant, suitable for any outing or everyday wear. 


For the Mom Who Can Never Have Enough Dish Towels — Flowering Herb Kitchen Towels ($45/set of 3)
Three towels with different herbs on them.

Fresh herbs liven up any dish made in the home kitchen, so why not give them an honorary place? Everyone needs dishtowels, and these unbleached cotton ones are printed with water based inks, making them a natural solution for the home. Designer Jodi Kostelnik sends these off in adorable produce container packaging.

For the Boyfriend Who Likes to Cook, But Not Water Plants — Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden ($24)

He’s a cooking fiend, but a forgetful plant parent. Get him these easy-care frosted mason jar hydroponic growing vessels. Vintage style containers wick up moisture to moisten the herb seeds of your choice. Once you have leaves, snip as needed to spice up his kitchen creations. 

For the Grandpa Who Wants To Get Into Foraging — Foraging Tool Kit ($40)

This foraging kit is ideal for beginners who want to try wildcrafting. Forage for a variety of foods with the tools in this kit.  Use the knife and canvas bags for fresh morels or tap the sap from a maple tree with the sugaring spile. Bon appétit! 

For the Gourmand Who Simply Must Have Fresh Herbs — Thai Kitchen Garden Shears ($38)
A pair of garden shears with wooden handles, displayed on top of cut flowers.

Pair these handy shears with the Farmer’s Market Bag for a combo gift sure to please. Hand-carved Pradu wood handles are durable and beautiful, while stainless steel blades are sure to see you through all your snipping requirements. Handmade in Thailand, these are a perfect indoor or outdoor gardening gift.

For the Dad Who Doesn’t Know What to Do With All His Zucchini — Veggie Lover’s Cooking Kit ($35)

Everyone needs new and exciting ideas in the kitchen. During harvest time we can often use a little help. This group of 6 savory seasoning packets will enhance the dining experience while making it easier. Neil Edley has developed each seasoning to compliment a host of recipes. Comes with Mexican street corn, coconut curry, zesty horseradish, sesame soy, lemon rosemary, and maple brown sugar. Yum!

For the Hubby Who Loves Homemade Pasta — Best-Ever Homemade Farfalle and Marinara Sauce ($30)
A person rolling out fresh pasta on a cutting board.

Homemade pasta is worlds apart from store bought. Learn how to make farfalle (the little bowties) in your home with a classic marinara sauce. The online class is taught by Sydney Wilcox, who will walk you through every step to ensure a delicious and special meal experience. 


For the Hard Working Gardener Who Needs a Little Self Care — Floral Printed Weeder Glove Spa Gift Set ($24)

The eyes might be the mirrors to the soul, but the hands are the tools that make everything happen. One of the most important body parts needs a little TLC now and again. Pamper your hands with waterproof nitrile coated gloves on the palm, and breathable cotton on top. After your hard labor, luxuriate in the soothing natural soap. 

For the Indoor Gardener Who Wishes Every Day Were Spa Day — Just Breathe Eucalyptus Spa Gift Set ($40)
A blue pot with eucalyptus next to a box containing eucalyptus seeds and an empty pot.

The natural oils in Eucalyptus open the lungs and the pores. Start by planting the seed and baby your plant until it has leaves. Then indulge in a bath experience featuring the aromatic foliage, botanical bath salts, and jute body scrubber.  Relax away a crummy day. 

For the Daughter-in-Law with Dry Winter Skin — Handmade Solid Lotion Bars ($32/set of 4)

Heat melts butter, just like these buttery bars will melt into a soothing, aromatic lotion after massaging them onto skin. Indulge in 4 scents made with essential oils that will relax, rejuvenate, and care for winter skin. 

For the Teen Who Always Wanted to Make Her Own Bath Bombs — Floral Fizz DIY Bath Bomb Workshop and Kit ($45)
A person making a bath bomb, with essential oils, dried flowers, and other bath bombs on the table.

A 60 minute online class for 13 years and up, this workshop shows how to make up to 16 bombs using Michael Wiesel’s 100% organic kit (included in the price of the class). What could be more fun than making some gifts and immersing oneself in the scents of lavender, chamomile, and rose? Enjoy these yourself or give them to a deserving loved one. 

For the Gardener Who Believes All Their Wishes Will Bloom — Plantable Wish Cards ($10)
Seven pieces of circular seed paper with writing like "Be Thankful Every Day"

A truly unique and memorable gift concept. Kit comes with 12 cards and a handy pencil to imprint wishes on each card. Plant, water, and wait. Soon your wishes will come up in a variety of annual and perennial wildflowers. A great way to celebrate a special occasion!

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