7 Best Houseplants For Valentine’s Day That Say 'I Love You’

If you thought buying houseplants for Valentine’s Day might not make the right impression, think again. We round up the most romantic houseplants for your loved one

houseplants for Valentine's Day arranged in heart shape
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Forget the roses and chocolate – the besotted and incurably romantic now give houseplants for Valentine’s Day. I love the idea of Valentine’s Day houseplants. It’s the gift that keeps on giving – longer lasting than dead cut flowers or chocolate which I’d inhale in a nanosecond. There are some lovely houseplants available that are romantic because of their gorgeous blooms, heart-shaped foliage or even their names. Keep reading to learn about some favorite plants that say ‘I love you’.

Picking Plants That Say ‘I Love You’

I love cut flowers, and my significant other likes to bring those into the house for me. However, he's also aware that I’m obsessed with living plants, inside and out. So, he’s much more likely to give me a Valentine’s gift of a living plant or some flower bulbs rather than a dozen roses. One year, he gave me a bleeding heart plant; another year, he got a clivia, a relative of amaryllis, that I’ve managed to keep alive for 16 reliably blooming years. Talk about eternal love!

If you’re looking for plants that say ‘I love you’, here are a few things to consider. First, will your beloved’s home or garden support plant life? Do they have adequate light and space for a living symbol of your love? Are they a proficient gardener or new to houseplants? Are they wild about flowers? If so, find a blooming plant. Many plants have heart-shaped leaves or blooms and some (like anthurium) have both. Spring or summer blooming bulbs might be your guy or gal’s idea of romance. You could take it a step further and force some bulbs in a beautiful pot to show your love and ward off February's chill.

There are quite a few houseplants with heart-shaped leaves, such as pothos or heart-leaf philodendrons. But here are our choices for the most romantic houseplants…

Best Houseplants for Valentine’s Day

1. String of Hearts

string of hearts houseplants in pots

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The string of hearts plant is a cascading vine with fleshy, heart-shaped leaves perfect as a hanging plant. This is one of the most delicate, romantic and enduring houseplants for Valentine’s Day.

2. Cyclamen

cyclamen flowering in winter

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For those looking for a splash of romantic color in their plant selection, cyclamen not only has heart-shaped foliage but gorgeous hot pink to red blossoms. Its clusters of flowers almost bring to mind miniature bouquets when in full bloom.

3. Hoya

hoya houseplant presented as a gift

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Succulents are still on a hot streak, and what better way to say ‘I love you’ than with a heart-shaped hoya? For that matter, any varieties of hoya with their picture-perfect tiny blooms will woo your plant lover.

4. Peace Lily

peace lily houseplant in bloom

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For flowering plants, the peace lily is amongst the prettiest, most delicate and hopeful plants you can gift a loved one and they do well as houseplants. Their white flowers signify devotion, and are also ideal for gestures of young love.

orchid moth phalaenopsis in bloom

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5. Orchid

Orchids used to be a risk, and too expensive for the novice to risk the high price – but what is love if not a risk? Today, you can get a beautiful Phalaenopsis for relatively little money that is sure to charm and delight your loved one. 

6. Love Plant

oxalis triangularis love plant in a pot

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Allergic or just not a flower lover? Get your honey a colorful Oxalis triangularis with its brilliant purple foliage. Also known as the false shamrock, this striking and unusual houseplant is a distinctive choice for the whimsical at heart.

7. Bonsai

bonsai tree in pot presented as a gift

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Lastly, for the true anthophile, a bonsai is one of the most enduring houseplants for Valentine’s Day. Some of the oldest bonsai in the world are over 800 years old! If that isn’t a testament to the eternity of true love, we don’t know what is…

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