Different Croton Plants: Types Of Croton Houseplants

Croton Plant With Green And Red Leaves
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Croton (Codiaeum variegatum) is a striking plant with stripes, splashes, spots, dots, bands, and blotches in a range of bold and vivid colors. Although usually grown indoors, it makes a beautiful shrub or container plant in non-freezing climates. Either way, bright (but not overly intense) sunlight brings out the amazing colors. Read on for brief descriptions of several different kinds of croton.

Types of Croton

When it comes to different croton plants, the selection of croton varieties is nearly endless and absolutely none are boring.

  • Oakleaf Croton - Oakleaf croton has unusual, oakleaf-like leaves of deep green marked with veins of orange, red, and yellow.
  • Petra Croton - Petra is one of the most popular croton varieties. The large leaves of yellow, burgundy, green, orange, and bronze are veined with oranges, reds, and yellows. 
  • Gold Dust Croton - Gold Dust is unusual because the leaves are smaller than most types. The deep green leaves are densely speckled and dotted with shiny gold markings.
  • Mother and Daughter Croton - Mother and Daughter croton is one of the most exotic croton plants with long, narrow leaves of deep green to purple, speckled with splashes of ivory or yellow. Each spiky leaf (mother) grows a small leaflet (daughter) at the tip.
  • Red Iceton Croton - Red Iceton is a large plant that can reach heights of 20 feet (6 m.) at maturity. The leaves, which emerge chartreuse or yellow, eventually turn gold splashed with pink and deep red. 
  • Magnificent Croton - Magnificent croton displays big, bold leaves in various hues of green, yellow, pink, deep purple, and burgundy.
  • Eleanor Roosevelt Croton - Eleanor Roosevelt leaves are splashed with tropical shades of purple, orange, red, or orange yellow. This classic croton differs from typical wide leaved varieties because it has long, narrow leaves.
  • Andrew Croton - Andrew is another narrow leaved variety, but this one shows off wide, wavy edges of creamy yellow or ivory white.
  • Sunny Star Croton - Sunny Star croton features light green leaves with eye catching dots and spots of vibrant gold.
  • Banana Croton - Banana croton is a relatively small plant with twisty, lance shaped, gray and green leaves with bright splashes of banana yellow. 
  • Zanzibar Croton - Zanzibar displays narrow leaves with an arching habit reminiscent of ornamental grass. The graceful, exotic leaves are splotched and splashed with gold, red, orange, and purple. 
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