Plant Saucer Use – Do Potted Plants Need Saucers

Several Individually Potted Plants
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Whether grown indoors or out, there is no doubt that the use of potted plants is a quick and easy way to expand your garden. Varying in size, shape, and color, pots and containers can certainly add vibrancy and life to any space. While each plant container is unique, there are a few key aspects to look for, including dishes for container plants.

Do Potted Plants Need Saucers?

In choosing containers, drainage will play a vital role in overall plant health. Using containers which are able to adequately control soil moisture levels will be imperative to success. While purchasing pots with drainage holes may seem obvious, other aspects of growing in containers may not be as clear. Many first-time growers, for example, may be left to ask, “What are plant saucers for?”

Saucers under plants are shallow dishes used to catch excess water that drains from a container planting. While growers are sometimes able to find matching pot and saucer sets, it is more common that containers do not come with one, and the saucer must be bought separately.

Adding a plant saucer to containers can be useful in increasing the decorative appeal of potted plants. Specifically, small stones and pebbles can be added to larger saucers to add texture. One of the main positive attributes of saucers comes from their use with indoor potted plants. Plants that have been watered are able to drain without worry of leaks across floors or carpets. If using saucers in this manner, always make certain to remove the saucer and drain the water. Standing water can promote excess soil moisture and cause plant roots to rot.

Plant saucers can also be used with outdoor containers. Just as those used indoors, they will need to be drained after each watering. Standing water in outdoor saucers can be especially detrimental, as it can encourage the presence of pests like mosquitoes.

Opinions regarding whether or not growers need to use saucers under plants can vary widely. While these dishes for container plants have many positive attributes, there are also some drawbacks. Ultimately, plant saucer use will vary depending upon the needs of the plant, the growing conditions, and the preference of the gardener.

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