Fast Growing Indoor Plants: Houseplants That Grow Quickly

Long Vined Indoor Houseplant
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Are you an impatient indoor gardener and want instant gratification with your houseplants? There are a number of houseplants that grow quickly so you can get instant pleasure. Let’s take a look at some fast-growing indoor plants.

Fast-Growing Houseplants

  • Pothos is an extremely fast-growing vine that has the added bonus of being easy to grow. If you give your pothos (also known as Devil’s Ivy) good growing conditions, it can grow substantially in just a few weeks. Pothos prefers shadier conditions, and you should water when the soil surface dries.
  • A variety of ferns, including the popular, yet elusive, maidenhair fern, are fast growers. The key to ferns is ensuring that their soil never completely dries out. Most ferns prefer to grow in shadier conditions with minimal to no direct sun. 
  • Arrowhead vine is another fast grower. When these plants are typically purchased, they are short and bushy. These are actually vining plants, so don’t think that there is something wrong when you take them home and they extend. Give them a climbing support or cut it back if you like the bushier look. 
  • If you have very warm and sunny windows, hibiscus makes a stunning and fast-growing houseplant. Keep them well watered and give them the sunniest window that you have. They will reward you with plenty of large blooms and give your indoor space a tropical flair. 
  • The spider plant is another houseplant that grows very quickly and has the added bonus of being easy and very quick to propagate as well. Water when the surface of the soil is dry and give them plenty of bright indirect light for best growth. Perfectly formed little plantlets will form on the plant, complete with roots, so they are easily propagated.
  • If succulents are more your thing, aloe vera is pretty fast growing for a succulent. Being a succulent, they can tolerate a little more neglect than other plants. Give them plenty of light and the sunniest window that you have available. They will reward you with quick growth and will also form pups readily at the base of the plant. 
  • If you need a plant that will tolerate lower light and still do well, try a peace lily. These plants have beautiful foliage, are known to remove many toxins from indoor air, and they will even bloom indoors. 
  • Philodendron plants contain species for every taste, from fast-growing vining plants, like the heart-leaf philodendron, to bushier plants like Philodendron ‘Xanadu.’ Water when the soil surface is dry and give them plenty of bright indirect light. Avoid placing these in full sun or they will turn yellow.

Of course, there are more plants to choose from, but these are among the fastest houseplants that you can grow indoors.