Potted Plant Gifts – What Are Good Plants To Give As Gifts

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Whether you’re looking for a Christmas gift, a housewarming present, or just a nice thank-you, potted plant gifts are both simple and unique. Keep reading for some ideas on the best houseplant gifts.

Potted Plant Gifts

When it comes to indoor plant sharing, not all potted plant gifts are the same. Unless you’re buying for someone you know has a green thumb, it’s a good idea to keep things simple. The best plants to give as gifts are beautiful yet easy to take care of. So what are good plants to give as gifts? Here’s a list of some of the best houseplant gifts with a high aesthetic payoff for low maintenance requirements.

  • Amaryllis – The amaryllis blooms through the winter and is a welcome hint of spring at Christmas.
  • Succulents – Demanding very little water and coming in all shapes and sizes, succulents can be collected into an attractive and personalized arrangement.
  • Aloe – A popular succulent on its own, the aloe plant requires minimal water and can be used to soothe burns too.
  • Cyclamen – Another good cold weather choice, the cyclamen is compact and unique.
  • Orchid – Elegant and easily recognizable, orchids are sure to please, as long as the recipient has at least a little knowledge about their specific care.
  • Lucky Bamboo – Not really a bamboo so much as a lily, the lucky bamboo plant will grow and grow in a vase full of water in a sunny window. No dirt required!
  • Christmas Fern – A Christmas favorite because it stays green through the winter, this fern will transplant easily outside.
  • Air Plants – A really unique gift, air plants require neither dirt nor watering. Just a regular misting will keep them happy wherever you place them.
  • Paperwhite – A very low-maintenance/high reward bulb, the paperwhite will grow in anything from soil to pebbles, creating deliciously fragrant white blossoms.
  • Christmas Cactus A plant that can be kept year round, the Christmas cactus will produce striking red flowers every holiday season.
  • Poinsettia – An old standby Christmas gift, the poinsettia can be kept as an attractive houseplant all year.
  • Lavender Fragrant year-round, lavender in bloom makes for a beautiful purple accent, especially when replanted in the garden.
  • Potted Herbs – The most useful on the list, anything from potted oregano to rosemary will make for a fragrant home and fresh cooking ingredients. They can also be transplanted to the garden for a never-ending supply.
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