Indoor Plant Stand Ideas – Choosing Plant Stands For Indoor Use

Indoor Potted Houseplants On Wooden Plant Stands
houseplant stand
(Image credit: brizmaker)

Choosing plant stands for indoor use can be a very fun activity since there are many creative ways to display indoor plants. What is a houseplant stand? It is simply any object that you can use to display your houseplant and elevate it from whatever surface it is sitting on. There are many types of stands for houseplants, so let’s take a look at various options.

Indoor Plant Stand Ideas

There are many different types of materials that plant stands are constructed from – various types of wood, wrought iron, powder coated metal, bamboo, and even wicker. The sky is the limit! 

Let’s take a look at some creative types of plant stands and how to use an indoor plant stand. Choose ones that go well with the décor of your home. Here are some creative houseplant stand ideas:

  • Use a plant stand to elevate plants behind sofas or in the corner of the room. This is especially effective if you don’t have a huge houseplant. Elevating a specimen plant will make more of a statement.
  • If you have a multi-level plant stand, a good rule of thumb for displaying plants in an aesthetically pleasing way is the following: place the larger plants on the bottom shelves and reserve the top shelf for the smallest plants and also for trailing plants so that they have room to grow.
  • If you want to have a plant stand in a room that doesn’t have any, or enough, natural light, choose a plant stand that has built-in grow lights.
  • Use an old foot stool, or even an old bar stool, as a plant stand for a single plant. 
  • Repurpose an old chair as a plant stand. Remove the seat and find a pot that fits in the space where the seat was. You can paint the chair to your liking or leave it more rustic.
  • With the resurgence of mid-century modern style, there are some beautiful sleek and modern planters available with simple wooden bases that have four legs and a ceramic pot that fits in the middle. 
  • Use an A-frame ladder, or even a leaning ladder, to creatively display your houseplants

There really is no shortage of indoor plant stand ideas. The possibilities are endless!