Adanson’s Monstera Plant Care: Tips For Growing A Swiss Cheese Vine

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Adanson's Monstera Plant
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Adding glossy and interesting houseplants is just one of the many ways that growers can continue to nurture their love of growing in small spaces or throughout the colder winter months. Vibrant tropical plants can add texture and a much needed pop of color to interior design. Adanson’s monstera plant is unique and can instantly add visual interest to any room.

Swiss Cheese Plant Info

Though commonly confused with Monstera deliciosa, Adanson’s monstera plant (Monstera adansonii) is also referred to as Swiss cheese plant. Though both types of plants appear somewhat similar, the stature of this plant is much smaller and better suited for tight spaces.

Monstera adansonii, which is native to Central and South America, can reach lengths of up to 65 feet (20 m.). Fortunately, for those wishing to grow this plant indoors, it is unlikely to reach those lengths.

Monstera swiss cheese plants are prized for their fascinating green foliage. Each leaf of this plant will have holes. Not to worry though, these holes are not caused by insect damage or disease. As the leaves of the plant age and grow larger, so do the size of the holes in the leaves.

Growing a Swiss Cheese Vine

Growing this Swiss cheese vine as a houseplant is relatively simple. First, those wishing to do so will need to find a reputable source from which to buy the plants.

Choose a pot that drains well, as Swiss cheese plants will not appreciate wet soils. These plants look especially nice when used in hanging containers, as the vines will naturally be allowed to drape over the sides of the container and hang down.

As with many houseplants, containers should be placed in a location which receives bright, yet indirect, sunlight. Take special care that containers are safe from pets or kids, as the plants are toxic.

Beyond potting into containers, Adanson’s monstera plants will require high levels of humidity. This can be achieved through frequent misting, or by the addition of a humidifier.

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