Creeping Bentgrass Control: How To Kill Creeping Bentgrass Weeds

Creeping Bentgrass Weeds Growing In Grass
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For many homeowners, the process of creating a lush green lawn is an important aspect of yard maintenance. From seeding to mowing, lawn care is an essential part of upping the value and curb appeal of homes. It is easy to see why some may be interested to learn more about preventing and controlling unwelcome lawn weeds, such as creeping bentgrass, which can be especially troublesome.

About Creeping Bentgrass Weeds

Bentgrass is a cool season grass that can appear in and spread in the home lawn. While this type of grass is considered a weed to most, especially in southern regions, it does have some very useful applications. In fact, bentgrass is most often used on golf courses on putting greens and tee boxes.

Creeping bentgrass has a shallow root system and a shaggy appearance. The shaggy texture of the grass allows it to be cut back much shorter than other types. When it is left uncut, it will appear messy and unkempt. This can disrupt the uniformity and overall look of well managed lawn spaces. For this reason, many homeowners are looking for new ways of managing creeping bentgrass and preventing its spread.

Creeping Bentgrass Control

While managing creeping bentgrass weeds can be difficult, it is not impossible. The way in which growers are able to kill creeping bentgrass will depend upon the composition of their lawns. Getting rid of creeping bentgrass weeds will most often require the use of herbicides.

One of the most popular herbicides for treatment of creeping bentgrass weeds is called ‘Tenacity’ (Mesotrione). This herbicide is able to specifically target various types of perennial weedy grasses in the lawn. This selective herbicide is useful in maintaining lawns, as it is selective and less likely to damage turf plantings unless used incorrectly.

When choosing to use any kind of herbicide, always make certain to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Familiarizing yourself with the risks and hazards associated with the use of herbicides is imperative to keeping yourself, your family, and your pets safe.

The establishment of consistent lawn care routines is essential to creating well-manicured turf. However, with some effort, homeowners are able to curate green spaces they are able to enjoy for many seasons to come.

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