Amaryllis Flower Varieties: Different Types Of Amaryllis

Variety of Large Amaryllis Flowers
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Amaryllis is a blooming bulb that produces spectacular blooms measuring up to 10 inches (25 cm.) across, atop sturdy stalks up to 26 inches (66 cm.) tall. Most common amaryllis varieties produce two stems per bulb, each with four blooms, although some cultivars may produce six blooms. This winter-blooming stunner is available in a variety of shapes and colors; in fact, almost too many different types of amaryllis to count. Read on to learn about just a few of the many amaryllis flower varieties on the market.

Varieties of Amaryllis

With so many types of amaryllis to choose from, it can be overwhelming when choosing one to grow indoors or in the garden. To make things a little easier, here are some of the most popular amaryllis varieties.

Large Flowering Amaryllis Varieties

These are classic flowers with big blooms in single layers of petals. Common types to choose from this group of amaryllis include:

  • Clown – Types of amaryllis flowers include this cheery cultivar with pure white petals and bright red stripes.
  • Picotee – Another type of amaryllis flower with large, white flowers and a slender band of red on the edges of the blooms. Lime green throats provide contrast.
  • Ruby Star – This cultivar boasts pointy, star-shaped blooms with burgundy petals contrasted with white and lime green, star-shaped throats.
  • Desire – The many colorful varieties of amaryllis include Desire, which produces blooms in a warm shade of sunset orange.
  • Apple blossom – This old favorite amaryllis boasts white petals with blushes of soft pink contrasted by lime green throats.

Double Flowering Varieties of Amaryllis

These amaryllis flowers contain several layers of petals to create a rich, full appearance. Good picks here include the following:

  • Red Peacock – As the name suggests, this cultivar shows off deep red blooms with accents of narrow, white stripes running down the center of the petals.
  • Dancing Queen – This frilly double variety has layers of pure white petals that provide a full, fluffy look. The red candy stripes create real pizzazz.
  • Snow Drift – As you would expect, this multi-petaled variety displays billowy, pure white flowers.
  • Nymph – This is another snowy white cultivar, this time with subtle streaks of salmon.

Exotic Amaryllis Varieties

Strange, weird, and wonderful types of amaryllis flowers are included in this group. Good choices are:

  • Chico – An eye-catching variety with slender, spidery petals of creamy ivory. Markings of reddish purple and pale green provide a tropical appearance.
  • Santiago – Snow-white, trumpet-shaped blooms provide a background for ruby red stripes and lime green throats. Amaryllis isn’t typically fragrant, but this is one exception.
  • Misty – Another fragrant variety, Misty displays broad, white, trumpet-shaped flowers with blushes of rosy pink.
  • Papillio Butterfly – As you might expect, reddish purple stripes with a hint of green against white petals give this variety a butterfly-like appearance.
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