Planting Caladiums - When To Plant Caladium Bulbs

Caladium planting
Caladium planting
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Last fall, you may have spent some time saving caladium bulbs from your garden or, this spring, you may have bought some at the store. Either way, you are now left with the very important question of "when to plant caladium bulbs?"

When to Plant Caladium Bulbs

One of the most important things you can do for proper care of caladiums is to plant at the right time. When to plant caladium bulbs varies depending on where you live. The list below outlines the proper time for planting caladiums based on USDA hardiness zones:

  • Hardiness zones 9, 10 - March 15
  • Hardiness zone 8 - April 15
  • Hardiness zone 7 - May 1
  • Hardiness zone 6 - June 1
  • Hardiness zones 3, 4, 5 - June 15

The list above is a general guideline for planting caladiums. If you find that winter seems to be lingering a little longer this year than normal, you will want to wait until all threat of frost has passed. Frost will kill caladiums and you need to keep them out of frost. If you are in USDA hardiness zones 9 or higher, you can leave your caladium bulbs in the ground year-round, as they can survive the winters in these areas once established. If you live in zones 8 or less, you will need to spend some time around the time of first frost digging caladiums up and store them for the winter. Planting caladiums at the right time will ensure that you have healthy and lush caladium plants all summer long.

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