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Planting dahlias in the garden is an excellent way to add dramatic color to your space. Coming in various sizes and flower shapes, it is easy to see why dahlia plants are so appealing to novice gardeners, as well as those with impressive established plantings. Since these plants require some specialized care, it is important to become familiar with their needs. Among these include knowing how and when to water dahlias, which will help ensure success in the upcoming growing season.

Should I Water Dahlia Tubers?

Unlike many other garden flowers, which are grown from seed or transplant, dahlias are most commonly grown from tubers. Similar to bulbs, tubers are planted into the ground after all chance of frost has passed in the spring. Though some growers choose to pre-sprout the tubers, others may plant the dormant tubers directly into the ground. When conditions are right, growth points (“eyes”) on the tubers signal the development of leaves and roots.

Care should be taken when planting dormant tubers, as these can easily rot if conditions are not ideal. Rotting tubers are most commonly caused by soil conditions that are either too cold, too wet, or a combination of both. In most cases, tubers do not need additional water at planting.

You should only water the tuber after planting if the soil is dry. If dry conditions do exist, water the tuber once and then wait for growth to occur.

When to Water Dahlias

When considering dahlia watering, needs can vary greatly depending upon the growing conditions. Once the tuber has started to grow, consistent dahlia plant irrigation is required in order to promote lush growth and prolific bloom period. For many, this means watering dahlia plants one to three times each week.

When watering dahlia plants, always make sure to avoid wetting the plant foliage. This will help to decrease the likelihood of disease. Dahlia plant irrigation routines should focus on long and deep watering sessions. This process will promote stronger, studier plants and better root growth.

By making sure to meet dahlia watering needs, you will be rewarded with bright and colorful blooms all summer long.

Tonya Barnett

Tonya Barnett has been gardening for 13 years. Flowers are her passion. She has trasformed her backyard into a cut flower garden, which she regularly chronicles on her YouTube channel