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If you’ve already become a plant lover and are growing a variety of them, you’ve probably learned several reasons to grow succulents, and it’s easy to develop a taste for this type of plant. Yet, you might not have discovered ALL the benefits of succulents. It is difficult to list all of them, but the following bonuses to growing these plants should top the list.

Why Grow Succulents?

Once you learn a few basics, you’ll find succulent plants are easy to grow. When you discover how to mix up the perfect well-draining soil and, most importantly, how to limit watering, you’ll find succulent plants are simple. Even if you sometimes forget to care for these plants, you’ll learn succulents are easy to get along with.

Medicinal Succulent Benefits

This ease of care is a definite benefit for those who like a few pots of greenery on the desk at work or scattered throughout sunny areas in the home. You’ve probably heard that succulents help clear the air of dangerous chemicals and even increase humidity in your dry home or office. This added humidity helps relieve dry, itchy skin. It can also prevent sore throats, the common cold, and that dry cough.

Succulents are good for a range of other medical issues. Most of us know that the juice and gel of aloe vera is marketed to reduce inflammation, especially in the digestive tract. It is said to help with inflammation in other parts of the body as well, as do parts of the yucca plant. The saponins and other antioxidants in these plants are used for arthritis pain. Boil the roots of yucca to make a tea for this purpose.

Symptoms of the troublesome condition of eczema are sometimes alleviated by succulents. Childhood eczema often leads to rash and itching in adulthood, as the skin is not able to combat bacterial infections. Low humidity sometimes triggers the symptoms, so succulents do double duty in assisting with eczema.

Agave accelerates the healing process while the juice limits pain from several conditions. It is used in the manufacture of tequila, but also for toothache pain, stomach issues, and other problems where its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, vitamin loaded properties are beneficial. Pregnant women should avoid the use of agave, and everyone should limit its oral use.

Other Benefits of Succulent Plants

Recent studies show other benefits from the use of these plants in the office environment. In addition to providing a touch of beauty, the plants tend to increase work productivity, concentration, and focus. We can all use an increase in those attributes.

Indoor succulents also produce oxygen, further improving air quality and health benefits.

Becca Badgett

Becca Badgett was a regular contributor to Gardening Know How for ten years. Co-author of the book How to Grow an EMERGENCY Garden, Becca specializes in succulent and cactus gardening.