Succulent Container Ideas: Unusual Containers For Succulents

succulent container
succulent container
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My grandmother had a small child's pair of boots with a few cacti and succulents growing inside. My sister and I planted them for her some 20 years ago and they are still thriving and cute as I write. These unique planters give you some idea of the wide range of possible succulent container ideas. As long as an object can hold the soil, drain well and evaporate excess water, it can probably hold a succulent. Let's investigate some unusual containers for succulents and see what kind of creative setting you can find for your plants.

Succulent Container Ideas

One of my favorite plant groups are the succulents because there is an endless variety of form, color and texture available in these easy-to-grow plants. Creating cunning vignettes with succulents adds even more charm to already charismatic plants. Creative containers for succulents highlight their allure and enchant the eye. Many unusual items make exceptional pots for growing succulent plants while providing a functional container. Look around your house and see what you can find that would make unusual containers for succulents. Most succulents grow well as indoor plants in small containers. Even larger succulents tend to like to be rather cramped in their abode. Make a green scene by planting succulents in an old teapot and teacups. Place larger succulents in an old metal sieve. Even cracked crockery, statues and other old kitchen containers make whimsical centerpieces. Creative containers for succulents are only limited by your imagination. Whatever you choose, make sure there are drainage holes and the soil is appropriate for that variety of succulent. Choosing cool pots for growing succulent plants will be of no avail if you don't treat your plants properly and give them the lighting, temperature, food and moisture needs that are optimum for that species.

Industrial Containers for Succulent Gardens

Industry is what makes nations great, so why not carve out a piece of that history and plant in it? Cement blocks with tiny succulents inside the holes highlight the strength and resilience of these little plants. An old tool box with holes punched into the base, a rusted out metal fire pit, a broken fountain and even an unused watering pot, all make magnetic planters for succulents. The older the better, and even cracked or damaged items gain a certain cache once they are adorned with plants. So cruise your local construction sites, dumps and thrift stores for magical containers for succulent gardens.

Personalized Pots for Growing Succulent Plants

The sky is practically the limit on succulent containers. There are plenty of whimsical pots you can purchase, but you can make your own quite easily. It is often best to choose an interest or theme to get you started. For instance, you may chose a themed container scheme such as all kitchen objects, musical instruments, auto parts, or a nautical theme with driftwood and seashell containers. Use an old fish tank to create a terrarium effect with sandy soil and decorative rocks. Avoid plastic and heavily glazed containers, which will tend to keep in excess moisture and can pose problems for roots. Now that you have a few ideas, roam your own property, attic and garage and you are sure to find some creative solutions for succulent planters.

Bonnie L. Grant

Bonnie Grant is a professional landscaper with a Certification in Urban Gardening. She has been gardening and writing for 15 years. A former professional chef, she has a passion for edible landscaping.