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Container Grown Bergenia: Tips For Potted Bergenia Plant Care

By Liz Baessler

Bergenias are gorgeous evergreen perennials that produce stunning spring flowers and brighten up autumn and winter gardens with their very attractive, colorful foliage. But can you grow bergenia in pots? Learn more about how to grow bergenia in a container here.

Treating Disease In Bergenia – How To Recognize Bergenia Disease Symptoms

Although bergenia plants tend to be relatively disease resistant, this lovely perennial can fall victim to a handful of serious plant diseases. Click this article to learn about treating disease in bergenia plants.

Bergenia Insect Problems: Tips For Controlling Bergenia Pests

Bergenia are sturdy, low-maintenance perennials that tend to be problem free. However, bergenia insect problems do occur from time to time. Click this article to learn methods of controlling bugs that eat bergenia.

Bergenia Propagation Methods: A Guide To Bergenia Reproduction

Bergenia is an attractive perennial with showy clusters of pink or brilliant flowers. Growing new bergenia from a mature plant isn?t difficult, or you can choose to attempt bergenia propagation by planting seeds. Learn more about methods of bergenia reproduction here.

Bergenia Information: How To Care For A Bergenia Plant

By Anne Baley

If you've got a shady spot you want to brighten in your garden but you're tired and bored with hostas, then Bergenia might be just the plant you're looking for. Learn more about the plant in this article.

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