Bergenia Winter Care Guide – Tips For Bergenia Winter Protection

bergenia winter
bergenia winter
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Bergenia is a genus of plants known just as much for their foliage as for their flowers. Native to central Asia and the Himalayas, they are tough little plants that can stand up to a wide range of conditions, including cold. But how do you care for a bergenia in winter? Keep reading to learn more about bergenia cold tolerance and bergenia winter care.

Growing Bergenias in Winter

One of the most charming things about bergenia plants is the transformation they undergo in autumn and winter. In the summer, they are known for their lush, rich, green foliage. But these plants are evergreens, and in autumn and winter, their leaves will usually turn very attractive shades of red, bronze, or purple. Some varieties, such as “Winterglow” and “Sunningdale” are sold specifically for the dazzling color of their winter leaves. Depending upon the extremity of cold in your garden, your bergenia plants might even flower straight through the winter. The plants are quite cold hardy and even in chilly areas, they will bloom in late winter or very early spring.

Bergenia Winter Care

As a rule, bergenia cold tolerance is very high. Many varieties can handle temperatures as low as -35 F. (-37 C.). You have to live very far north (or south) for your bergenias not to make it through the winter. That being said, you can help make their outdoor experience a lot nicer. Winterizing bergenia plants is very easy. They perform best with full sun exposure in the winter, though in the summer they like a little bit of shade. The best way to achieve this is to plant them under the canopy of deciduous trees. Protect your plants from strong winter winds and apply a layer of mulch in the fall to help regulate the temperature of the soil on days when the air temperature fluctuates greatly.

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