Transplanting Birds Of Paradise – How To Transplant A Bird Of Paradise Plant

Bright Colorful Bird Of Paradise Plant
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Can you move a bird of paradise plant? Yes, is the short answer, but you need to take care in doing so. Transplanting a bird of paradise plant is something you may want to do to give your beloved plant better conditions, or because it has grown too big for its current location. Whatever the reason, be prepared for a big job. Set aside a good chunk of time and follow each of these important steps to ensure your bird of paradise will survive the move and thrive in its new home.

Bird of Paradise Relocation Tips

The bird of paradise is a beautiful, showy plant that can grow very large. Avoid transplanting enormous specimens, if possible. They can be difficult to dig up and very heavy to move. Before you start digging, be sure you have a good spot for it. Bird of paradise likes to be warm and thrives in sun and in soil that is fertile and well-drained. Find your perfect spot and dig a nice large hole before you take the next step.

How to Transplant a Bird of Paradise

Transplanting birds of paradise should be done carefully so as not to damage the plant and to ensure it will recover and thrive in a new location. Start by first preparing the plant, then digging it out and moving it:

  • Water the roots well to help them cope with the shock of being moved.
  • Dig around the plant, going out about 12 inches (31 cm.) for every inch (2.5 cm.) diameter of the main trunk of the plant.
  • Dig deeply to avoid cutting through roots. You can cut through minor, lateral roots to get it out.
  • Place a tarp near the bird of paradise and when you are able to remove it from the ground, place the entire root ball on the tarp.
  • If the plant is too heavy to lift easily, slide the tarp underneath the roots on one side and carefully tip it over onto the tarp. You can either drag the plant to its new location or use a wheelbarrow.
  • Place the plant in its new hole, which should be no deeper than the root system was in the original location, and water well.

Bird of Paradise Relocation – After Care

Once you have replanted your bird of paradise, you need to take good care of it and keep an eye on the plant for a few months as it recovers. Water regularly for several months and consider fertilizing it as well to encourage growth and blooms. In about three months, with the right care, you should have a happy and thriving bird of paradise in its new location.

Mary Ellen Ellis

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