White Annual Plants: 10 Annuals With Fresh White Flowers And Foliage

White Annual Flowers
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Annual flowers are valued by gardeners who want to create abundant growing spaces quickly and at little cost. Many annuals are also known to bloom over longer periods of time compared to perennials. Annual options for ornamental and cut flower gardens are nearly limitless. The addition of white annual flowers is a popular choice. 

Learning more about white annual plants can help landscapers create a truly beautiful outdoor space. As always, further research will be needed regarding each plant’s growth requirements, possible toxicity, and/or invasive status. Below, we have listed some of our favorite white garden annuals. 

Top 10 White Garden Annuals

  1. Double Click Snow Puff Cosmos - An excellent choice for beginner gardeners and cut flower growers, Double Click cosmos produce a profusion of blooms on tall stems. When it comes to this white annual flower, sunny planting sites are best. Established plants can even withstand hot weather and short periods of drought. 
  2. Moonflower Vine - Moonflower vines are loved by ornamental gardeners for their ability to quickly cover arbors and trellises with thick foliage. These white annual flowers are unique in that they only bloom at night. The flowers are also exceptionally fragrant. 
  3. Moonlight Caladium - While many may focus on flowers when they’re planning ornamental spaces, interesting foliage can create appeal, as well. Moonlight caladium produces large masses of pure white leaves, which grow well in short flower borders. Caladium are among the best white annuals for shade. 
  4. Silver Moon Hyacinth Vine - Technically a perennial in frost-free regions, hyacinth vine can be grown as an annual everywhere. Like many white garden annuals, this vine is also fragrant, making it a good choice to plant on arbors. Mature plants can reach up to 20ft. (6 m.) long.
  5. Snowmaiden Scabiosa - Another popular cool season white annual for sun, scabiosa are celebrated for their unique ‘pincushion’ flowers and early summer bloom. Annual scabiosa seeds can be sown in the spring as soon as the soil can be worked and/or in autumn in regions with mild winter temperatures. 
  6. Supertunia White Petunia - These white annual petunia plants are ideal for pots and small containers. Supertunia White are celebrated for their hardiness under less than ideal growing conditions and prolonged bloom period.
  7. Swan Lake Sweet Pea - Lathyrus odoratus is an ornamental vine that produces fragrant pea-like flowers. This white annual for sun will begin blooming in late spring or early summer. Though the name may be confusing, sweet peas are not related to garden peas. All parts of sweet pea plants are toxic, so make certain to use caution around children and pets. 
  8. White King Larkspur - Blooming in early summer, larkspur flowers add impressive height to the landscape. These white annual plants are known for their ability to “volunteer” and grow again the next season, if they’re allowed to produce seed. 
  9. White Lightnin’ Lantana - Another perennial in frost-free zones, this white annual for sun will thrive in even the hottest of flower beds. Lantana plants produce large clusters of tiny, white blooms. Lantana is also a good option for landscapers looking for a low-growing border. 
  10. White Stripe Bougainvillea - White Stripe bougainvillea are a good choice for containers and pots. Though the plants reach impressive heights in their native range, small bougainvillea plants can easily be maintained as an ornamental annual. Rather than flowers, plants produce interesting white bracts. 
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