8 Flowers For Hanukkah: Blue And White Flowers To Celebrate Hanukkah

Blue And White Flowers
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Floral centerpieces are a lovely addition to any celebration. Hanukkah flower arrangements are certainly no exception to this. Consisting most frequently of brilliant shades of white and blue flowers, these beautiful floral displays are sure to be memorable. Learning more about different types of blue and white flowers can help designers create centerpieces that are both appealing and imaginative. 

Types of Blue and White Flowers

Blue and white are among the most traditional colors associated with Hanukkah. It is only natural that many Hanukkah flower centerpieces also feature these colors prominently. Several types of white flowers are commonly available throughout the entire year. Some of the most popular species include roses, oriental lilies, chrysanthemums, and carnations. In addition to their immense visual interest, many are also highly fragrant. Live, potted plants can also be used to create a festive home atmosphere. White amaryllis bulbs are especially attractive when forced into bloom in early winter. 

Blue flowers are known for their immense vibrancy, but finding a plant with blue and white flowers may be much more difficult. In fact, true blue flowers are among the least common naturally occurring blooms. 

Types of Plant With Blue and White Flowers

  1. Hydrangea - Hydrangea blooms are exceptionally popular, as they are available in both blue and white. Large, mop-head types make vases look both elegant and sophisticated. 
  2. Bachelor’s Buttons - Bachelor’s buttons and many other cool season flowers can add a light and airy appearance to even the most formal of vases. Bachelor’s buttons are available in various shades of true blue, as well as white.
  3. Delphinium - Delphiniums grow to produce impressive flower spikes covered in blooms. Depending upon the variety, delphinium flowers can range in color from white to deep blue-purple. 
  4. Forget-Me-Not - Another cool season flowering plant, forget-me-nots produce a profusion of tiny, clustered blooms. Forget-me-nots are an excellent filler/foliage plant for arrangements. 
  5. Love-in-a-Mist - Available in both white and blue, love-in-mist flowers are known for their unique flower form and production of highly ornamental seed pods. 
  6. Dutch Iris - Dutch iris bulbs are an early spring blooming flower which can be forced indoors for winter display. Bright shades of blue make Dutch iris an interesting focal flower in centerpieces. 
  7. Scabiosa - Especially attractive to pollinators in the garden, scabiosa also makes a stunning addition to vases during the winter. Tall, straight stems offer much needed height and texture to bouquets. 
  8. Grape Hyacinth - Yet another flower bulb which can be forced to bloom throughout the winter, these small short blooms are ideal for use in small decorative potted plantings. 

Should these blue flowers be unavailable, many florists can make use of specialty dyed blooms, which may also be ideal for use in Hanukkah flower arrangements. 

Though live Hanukkah flower centerpieces can be quite beautiful, many crafters may opt to create floral displays using artificial flowers. Their long-lasting materials are ideal for those who wish to save arrangements for use from one year to the next. Artificial materials often allow for greater creativity and availability of flower types. 

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