Full Sun Perennial Plants - What Perennials Do Well In Full Sun

Pink Full Sun Perennials
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For gardeners, the arrival of spring marks a time of planning, planting and refreshing flower beds. While annual flowers are preferred by many, others cherish the simplicity and dependability of perennial plants and shrubs in the home landscape. While it would be impossible to make a complete list of full sun perennials, exploring those which do thrive under full-sun conditions may be the first step in creating a truly welcoming garden oasis. 

What Perennials Do Well in Full Sun?

When determining what perennials do well in full sun, you first need to consider the conditions within your own garden. While daytime temperatures and rainfall play a role in plant health, you can gain a better understanding of your growing space by measuring how many hours of sunlight each garden bed receives. Though tolerant of different light conditions, most full sun perennial plants may appreciate some shade during the hottest parts of the afternoon. 

Blooming perennials with extended flowering times are the most common plants that grow well in full sun. Choosing a wide range of plants with different bloom times will help to ensure that the growing space remains bright and vibrant throughout the entire growing season.

Try Wildflowers

Wildflowers are among the most popular direct sun perennials. Bee balm, echinacea, rudbeckia, and Shasta daisy are just a few examples of these easy to grow plants. Though specialty varieties of these plants are available at garden centers, more traditional heirloom varieties can be easily started from seed with minimal investment. 

Bulb and Corm Flowers

Other full sun perennial plants include those which are frequently grown from bulbs or corms; like liatris, red hot poker plants, and/or canna lilies. In addition to providing reliable color, many types of flowering bulbs will continue to multiply and spread within the landscape. 

Lastly, no list of full sun perennials would be complete without the consideration of several ornamental grasses and foliage plants. Ideal direct sun perennials include various cultivars of fountain grass, as well as sedums and succulent plants, like sempervivums

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