DIY Ice Cube Flowers – Making Flower Petal Ice Cubes

flower cubes
flower cubes
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Whether you're planning a festive summer party or just looking to get creative on cocktail night, floral ice cubes are sure to impress your guests. Putting flowers in ice is not only easy but is a lovely detail that will make your party goers take notice. Read on to learn more about using flower ice cubes.

What are Floral Ice Cubes?

As the name suggests, floral ice cubes are made by freezing various types of edible flowers inside the cubes. This results in a stunning and colorful addition to drinks. Ice cube flowers can also add visual interest to ice buckets. What flowers can I use, you ask? The most important aspect of making these gorgeous ice cubes is to harvest only flowers which are edible. Flowers like pansies, nasturtiums, and rose petals are all excellent options. Be sure to research the type of flower you plan to use ahead of time, as many types of flowers are toxic. Safety first! Tasting the edible flowers before use is a great way to determine which types work best. Some edible flowers have a very mild taste, while others may have very distinct flavors.

How to Make Floral Ice Cubes

Freezing flowers in ice is extremely easy, and it only requires a few items. For best results, consider using a large, flexible silicone ice tray. Larger trays will not only make it easier to remove the cubes after being frozen but will also enable you to add larger flowers. Always use edible flowers which have been specifically grown for consumption. Avoid picking flowers that have been exposed to chemicals. Choose flowers at their peak bloom. Avoid any that are wilting or show signs of insect damage. Additionally, be sure to gently rinse the flowers before use to remove any dirt or debris. Fill ice trays half full with water (Hint: Ice often becomes somewhat cloudy as it freezes. For extra clear cubes, try using water that has been boiled (and then let cool) to fill the trays.). Place flowers into tray face down, and then freeze. After the cubes have frozen, add additional water to fill the tray. Freeze, again. By freezing the cubes in layers, you ensure that the flower remains in the center of the cube and does not float to the top. Remove from trays and enjoy!

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