Yellow Perennial Flowers - Growing Yellow Color Perennials

Yellow Perennial Flowers
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Perennial plants are an excellent option for landscapers and home gardeners who would like to establish beautiful flowers beds, borders and pots. Though there may be some initial investment, perennial gardeners are often rewarded with reliable seasonal color year after year. Many perennial plants require very little maintenance, aside from seasonal pruning and/or plant division. Flowering perennials and shrubs allow for garden design suited to even the most discerning grower. This includes those in search of specific colored plants and flowers.

Best Yellow Perennials

Yellow plants in the garden have long been a favorite of many growers. Often used as a symbol of happiness and friendship, there is no denying that yellow perennial flowers can be used to add a sense of vibrancy to growing spaces. 

Before planting yellow blossom perennials, you should carefully consider each plant’s growth requirements to ensure that the plant will thrive. This includes attention to USDA hardiness zones, as well as sun and water needs. In addition to the yellow color, perennial plants are generally well-adapted to a wide range of growing conditions, soil types, and temperatures. 

Varied Bloom Times

When planning a yellow landscape, attention to each plant’s bloom period is a good idea. If you select a wide variety of plants with different flowering times, you can easily extend seasonal color through the majority of the year. 

Perennial flowers like daffodils are often among the first flowers to begin opening. When considering yellow color perennials, many gardeners select shrubs and trees, like forsythia and witch hazel, which add even more appeal and dimension to the landscape.

Other Choices

Among the most common yellow perennials are those that are frequently considered wildflowers. This includes species of perennial rudbeckia, yarrow, and coreopsis

Some varieties of echinacea and daylily, specifically, are among the best yellow perennials for their extended bloom time and exceptional growth habit. Popular late season yellow perennial plants, like chrysanthemums, frequently adorn late summer and early fall growing spaces. 

Regardless of the plants you select, the addition of yellow perennial flowers is sure to draw attention from passersby and garden guests. 

Tonya Barnett

Tonya Barnett has been gardening for 13 years. Flowers are her passion. She has trasformed her backyard into a cut flower garden, which she regularly chronicles on her YouTube channel