Information About Lady's Mantle

Lady’s Mantle Plant Division – When To Divide Lady’s Mantle Plants

Lady’s mantle plants can be grown as perennials, and with each growing season they spread out a little more. So what do you do when your patch of lady’s mantle is getting too big for its own good? Learn more about how and when to divide lady’s mantle plants here.

Lady’s Mantle In A Pot – How To Grow Lady’s Mantle In Containers

Lady’s mantle is a low growing herb that produces delicate wisps of clustered yellow flowers. While historically used medicinally, today it is mostly grown for its flowers which are attractive in borders, cut flower arrangements, and in containers. Learn more here.

How To Grow Lady’s Mantle And Lady’s Mantle Care

Lady’s mantle is an interesting plant to add in the garden, especially shady borders. It is also commonly used as a ground cover and makes a nice edging when kept in bounds. Find tips for growing the plant here.