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Beautiful Yellow Rose
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Avid gardeners have long known the beauty and elegance of roses. With hundreds, if not thousands, of named rose cultivars to choose from it’s understandable that some may be overwhelmed by the options. Color, fragrance, and size will all play a major role in the selection of roses for the garden. Those wishing to use beautiful rose varieties for cut flower arranging will have even more to consider before planting. By learning more about the most beautiful roses available, gardeners and florists can best choose those which are ideal for their intended use. 

Beautiful Rose Varieties

When it comes to selecting the most beautiful roses, it will be essential to consider one’s own personal preferences and style. Choosing garden roses will also require that growers pay close attention to growth requirements for each species as well as the bloom season. Since beautiful, romantic roses are popular for use in floral arranging and design, it will be imperative to choose cultivars whose beauty and elegance combine with an extended vase life.

In addition to vase life, those wishing to grow their own roses should look for varieties that repeat bloom throughout the growing season. Tall, strong stems will be essential for use in the cutting garden, as this will prevent breaking when used in arrangements. While climbing or rambling roses can be quite beautiful when grown over garden trellises, they are not ideal for use in vases. Instead, growers should consider shrub-form roses like floribundas and hybrid tea roses.  

There is little doubt that giving roses on special occasions is an easy way to show loved ones that they are cared for. Unfortunately, many noteworthy holidays fall during a time when garden roses may not be available locally. It is for this reason that florists are so commonly relied on for helping select the best roses for Valentine’s Day. 

While the most beautiful roses come in a wide range of colors, red and pink shades of roses are by far the most popular choice. When choosing a bouquet, look for roses with large double blooms, which have an exceedingly high petal count. This will ensure that any arrangement will look elegant and expensive.

  • ‘Belinda’s Dream’
  • ‘Bride’
  • ‘Eiffel Tower’
  • ‘Fragrant Hour’
  • ‘Grand Amore’
  • ‘Mister Lincoln’
  • ‘Paul Shirville’
  • ‘Pinkerbelle’
  • ‘Wedding Garland’
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