Pink Rose Varieties: Choosing And Planting Roses That Are Pink

Pink Rose Flowers
pink roses
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Roses are available in an incredible range of colors and, for many gardeners, pink rose varieties are at the top of the list. Roses that are pink may include pale, romantic pastels to bold, hot pink and everything in between. If you enjoy growing pink roses, you’ll enjoy this sampling of different types of pink roses.

Selecting Roses That are Pink

A catch-all term for several hardy, low-maintenance shrub roses, these types of pink roses bloom over a long season:

  • Pink Home Run – Hot pink
  • Sunrise, Sunset – Blend of fuchsia-pink and apricot
  • Ballerina – Small, fragrant pink roses with white eyes
  • Carefree Wonder – Semi-double blooms of deep pink
  • John Cabot – Mildly fragrant, double blooms of deep fuchsia pink

These classic hybrid tea pink rose varieties bear large, high centered blossoms on long, elegant stems:

  • Memorial Day – Classic, orchid pink with old-fashioned fragrance
  • Pink Promise – Double to full blooms of soft, pale pink
  • Grande Dame – Very fragrant, deep rosy-pink blooms
  • Falling in Love – Fragrant rose of warm pink and creamy white
  • New Zealand – Large blooms of soft, warm pink

Hardy, upright floribundas were created by crossing hybrid teas with polyanthas and produce clusters of large blossoms on each stem:

  • Brilliant Pink Iceberg – Sweet-smelling roses are a blend of warm pink and white
  • Easy Does It – Lightly fragrant blooms of honey apricot and peachy pink
  • Betty Prior – Slightly fragrant, single, pink blooms
  • Sexy Rexy – Large clusters of cotton candy pink roses, slightly scented
  • Tickled Pink – Lightly fragrant, light pink, ruffled roses

The tall, vigorous grandifloras were created by crossing hybrid teas and floribundas. These bear roses in large clusters:

  • Queen Elizabeth – Popular rose with large, silvery-pink flowers
  • Fame! – Prolific bloomer with raspberry-red flowers
  • All Dressed Up – Classic, old-fashioned rose with big, medium pink flowers
  • Miss Congeniality – Double white blooms with pink edges
  • Dick Clark – Creamy roses edged in vibrant, cherry pink

Polyantha roses that are pink form on compact bushes that produce large sprays of small roses:

  • The Fairy – Graceful clusters of double, light pink roses
  • China Doll – Double pom-pom roses of China rose pink; stems are nearly thorn less
  • Pretty Polly – Massive clusters of deep pink roses
  • La Marne – Single to semi-double roses of light pink edged in salmon, slightly fragrant
  • Pink Pet – Nearly thornless plant with double, lilac-pink roses

Pink rose varieties also include climbers: Climbing roses don’t actually climb, but produce long canes that can be trained on a trellis, fence, or other support:

  • Cecile Brunner – Large sprays of small, silvery pink roses with a sweet, light fragrance
  • Candyland – Huge clusters of rosy pink, white-striped blooms
  • New Dawn – Sweetly fragrant, silvery pink blooms
  • Pearly Gates – Large, double blooms of pastel pink
  • Nozomi – Climbing miniature rose with sprays of pearly pink blooms
Mary H. Dyer

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