Eyelash Sage Plant Care: Tips On Growing Eyelash Sage Plants

Red-Pink Eyelash Sage Plants
eyelash sage
(Image credit: Scott Zona)

Looking for an easy-care bloomer that attracts hummingbirds? Look no further than eyelash leaved sage. What is an eyelash sage? Read on to find out about growing eyelash sage plants and care.

What is an Eyelash Sage?

The genus Salvia is comprised of more than 700 species amongst which are eyelash sage plants. They belong to the Lamiaceae or mint family and are notoriously pest resistant and highly attractive to hummingbirds. A Mexican native, eyelash leaved sage (Salvia blepharophylla) is also aptly named ‘Diablo,’ which means devil in Spanish and is in reference to the bright yellow stamens that stand up out of the crimson flowers like horns. The ‘eyelash’ part of its common name is a nod to the small, eyelash–like hairs that rim the edges of its leaves.

Growing Eyelash Sage

Eyelash sage can be grown in USDA zones 7 to 9 in full sun to partial sun. Plants reach a height of about a foot tall (31 cm.) and 2 feet across (61 cm.). This perennial boasts long lasting, brilliant, red blooms. It has a compact, rounded habit and spreads slowly via underground stolons. It blooms from early summer to late fall. It does send some suckers out but is not invasive. It is drought and frost tolerant.

Eyelash Sage Plant Care

Since this perennial is so resilient, eyelash sage plant needs very little care. It is, in fact, very suited to hot, humid areas. It requires little care once established, making eyelash sage an excellent choice for the novice gardener.

Amy Grant

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