Information About Snapdragons

Snapdragon Winter Care – Tips On Overwintering Snapdragons

Can snapdragons survive winter? In temperate zones, you can expect them come back the next year with a little preparation. Try some of our tips on overwintering snapdragons and see if you don’t have a lovely crop of these puffed blooms next season.

Snapdragon Seed Heads: Tips For Snapdragon Seed Collecting

Snapdragons are old-fashioned flowers named for the blooms that resemble little dragon jaws that open and close. Once the pollinated blooms die back, another unique feature of the plant is revealed – the snapdragon seed heads. Click here to learn more.

Planting Snapdragons In The Garden: How To Grow Snapdragons

Growing snapdragon in the flower bed provides cool season color to the garden. Learn how to grow snapdragon for early spring blooms using the information found in this article.