Fertilizing A Sunflower – When Should I Fertilize Sunflowers

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Sunflowers are a popular choice for the summer garden. These easy-to-grow flowers are especially loved by kids and beginner gardeners. With so many different varieties to choose, selecting what cultivar to grow may be the most difficult part. Regardless of the selection, many growers are eager to learn more about how to grow the best sunflowers possible. This includes becoming more familiar with sunflower fertilizer requirements.

Should I Fertilize Sunflowers?

Like any plant in the home landscape, deciding how and when to begin feeding sunflower plants will be largely dependent on conditions in the garden. Whether growing sunflowers commercially or in a small row in the backyard, these plants will require ample nutrients. In fact, sunflowers are known to be extremely heavy feeders throughout the growing season.

While it is possible to grow them without feeding sunflower plants, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and a wide range of micronutrients will all need to be present in the soil in order to obtain the best results.

Fertilizing A Sunflower Plant

Many garden soils are healthy enough to support the growth of sunflowers, but having the soil tested can help growers ensure that the sunflowers are grown in nutrient rich medium. When it comes to the fertilization of sunflowers, nitrogen is extremely important.

Fertilization of sunflowers with added nitrogen will contribute to the overall green growth of the plant. Fertilizing a sunflower with nitrogen will increase the height of the plant too. This may be especially important for home gardeners who choose to grow giant varieties of novelty sunflower. Excessive amounts of nitrogen, however, may be detrimental to the plant in that it can limit blooming.

Sunflower fertilizer requirements can be met in a variety of ways. Growers should choose fertilizers which are best suited for their garden. Slow release granular fertilizers are often a popular option, as they can easily be worked into the soil and deliver nutrients to the root zone of the plants.

Garden fertilizers can be applied throughout the growing season according to the manufacturer’s label instructions. With careful research and minimal investment, growers will be rewarded with beautiful sunflowers throughout the summer and into fall.

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