Top 10 Daisy Varieties

Daisies are about the friendliest flowers you can find. Here are our top ten varieties to bring some cheer to your garden.

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What Are The Types of Daisies?

Though the exact definition is up for debate, most people will tell you that members of the Asteraceae family of flowers count as daisies. Pretty much all of these boast that traditional daisy-like shape: a large center disk surrounded by a circular ray of petals.

While there's a seemingly limitless number of these flowers, we've gathered our top ten favorites that we think you should try adding to your garden this year.

Our Top Ten Daisy Varieties

1. African Daisy

Native to South Africa, these beautiful annual flowers offer growers a wide range of spritely color. Blooming from late spring until frost, these beautiful daisies grow best in locations with mild summer temperatures. African daisy varieties make an excellent addition to garden borders and containers.

2. Aster

Containing a rather large number of species, the Aster genus is filled with daisy-like flowers. Most commonly, perennial asters serve as a vital component of pollinator gardens for their bright bursts of late-season color. Annual asters also make a stunning addition to formal plantings and cut flower gardens.

3. Chrysanthemum

Many of the best daisies may often be overlooked. While the most popular chrysanthemums are those used as potted specimens, native and wild chrysanthemum plants offer growers the classic appeal of traditional daisy flowers. Since these flowers are easily grown from seed, they are often an ideal choice for novice gardeners.

4. Echinacea

With their large, daisy-like blooms, echinacea can range greatly in color. While heirloom varieties are most popular among pollinators, new hybrids offer more visual interest in the garden than ever before.

5. English Daisies

Surprisingly cold hardy, perennial English daisies are a delight to have in the late fall and early spring garden. These beautiful daisies make an excellent addition to small planters, hanging baskets, and near the edges of paths.

6. Gaillardia

Another native wildflower, gaillardia are favored greatly by visiting bees. Though technically a perennial flower, most blanket flowers will begin blooming in their first season, making them a quick and easy way to add color to the garden.

7. Gerbera Daisies

Made popular in flower arrangements, gerbera daisies are equally at home in ornamental plantings. Producing large, colorful blooms, gerbera are among the best daisies for making a noticeable visual statement. These plants are commonly found at local garden centers each spring.

8. Painted Daisy

Also known as Robinson’s daisies, painted daisies produce cheerful blooms in shades of white, pink, and purple. Gardeners can encourage repeat bloom through consistent deadheading throughout the season. Flowering may cease during prolonged periods of hot weather.

9. Rudbeckia

With their classic daisy shape, it is easy to understand why rudbeckia are a favorite among many growers. Ranging from bright yellow to dark brown, each plant is able to produce masses of blooms throughout the growing season, only halting with the arrival of the first frost.

10. Shasta Daisies

These crisp, white daisy flowers are sure to attract attention to formal and naturalized garden beds. Perennial in nature, shasta daisies thrive in full-sun locations and are able to withstand prolonged periods of drought with ease.

Tonya Barnett

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