Dwarf Mondo Grass Propagation

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By Heather Rhoades

Dwarf mondo grass (Ophiopogon japonicus ‘Nana’) is a Japanese plant that has charmed the gardens of the world. A decorative, low growing plant, this plant looks best when grouped together but sometimes there may only be a few plants available. This is where dwarf mondo grass propagation comes in handy.

There are two propagation methods available for dwarf mondo grass. One is planting dwarf mondo grass seeds and the other is division of your plant.

Dwarf Mondo Grass Seeds

If you decided to grow dwarf mondo grass seeds, be aware that they are finicky and you may have trouble getting them to grow. They may also not grow true to the parent plant. This is the more difficult of dwarf mondo grass propagation.

Harvest seeds yourself and plant immediately. Seeds you buy will have a lower germination rate the less fresh they are.

Plant your seeds in sterile potting soil and place the pots in a cold frame or other cool area. These seeds will germinate best in cooler temperatures.

Keep the dwarf mondo grass seeds moist at all times.

Wait two weeks to six months for seeds to germinate. They will germinate at irregular times. Some may sprout in two weeks, while others will take much longer.

Dwarf Mondo Grass Division

A much easier and sure fire way of dwarf mondo grass propagation is through division. This way you can plant dwarf mondo grass that is exactly like the parent and you will have a much more uniform look to your plants.

For division, dig up a well established clump of dwarf mondo grass. Use your hands to break the clump into smaller clumps or use a sharp, clean knife to cut the clump into smaller clumps.

Plant the dwarf mondo grass clumps in the locations you would like them to grow in. Water them thoroughly and weep well watered for the first few weeks until them become established. The best time to divide your mondo grass in in the early spring or early fall.

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