Splitting Liriope Roots – Learn How To Divide A Liriope Plant

Liriope Plant
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Liriope, or lilyturf, is a hardy perennial plant. This extremely popular evergreen is perfect for use as a low maintenance groundcover or for use as a border plant along sidewalks and pavers. It can also be used as an alternative to grass in lawns. Tolerant to both heat and humidity, lilyturf only requires minimal maintenance to continue to thrive. So what about liriope plant division? Does this plant need to be divided and, if so, how and when?

Does Liriope Need to Be Divided?

Beyond planting, liriope requires little care from homeowners. Resistant to most diseases, these plants grow larger and may spread from one season to the next. Consistent irrigation and fertilization will further assist in the establishment of healthy plantings. Since liriope plantings can become quite large, it may lead its growers to ask, “Does liriope need to be divided?”

Opinions abound as to whether or not liriope needs division. Like many perennial ornamental plants, mounding clumps of liriope will continue to grow in each subsequent season. Unlike other plants, however, there has been little evidence to suggest that the growth of liriope inhibits the plants’ ability to produce flowers. For this reason, most recommend that liriope plant division is the choice of the gardener.

Liriope plants will continue to grow well for many years, despite not being frequently divided.

How to Divide a Liriope

Although dividing liriope is not a mandatory part of its care routine, there are reasons why a grower may want to do so. Splitting liriope is an extremely easy and cost-effective way to increase the amount of plants in the garden, or to begin the process of establishing new flower beds.

Dividing liriope plants is fairly straightforward. When splitting liriope, growers will first need to dig up the plant and remove the root ball from the garden. Once the plant has been removed, carefully cut through the root ball using a sharp, serrated knife or shovel for larger clumps. This process can then be repeated until the plant has been divided into the desired number.

Ideally, the process of dividing liriope should be done in early spring before new growth has resumed. Due to the hardy nature of this plant, however, it is possible to successfully divide this plant later in the season.

After splitting liriope plants, find a location for the new lilyturf transplants. Though liriope will tolerate a wide variety of growing conditions, it will be important to select a planting site that receives ample sunlight and one that is well draining. Water the newly planted liriope weekly until the plants have become established.

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