Partridge Flower Info: Growing Partridge Feather Flowers

Partridge Feather Flowers
partridge feather
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If you are looking for a ground cover or rockery plant with contrasting color and unique texture, look no further than partridge feather ground cover. What types of partridge flower info do you need to know to successfully grow partridge feather flowers? Read on to find out.

Partridge Flower Info

Interestingly, partridge feather ground cover (Tanacetum densum) was introduced to the U.S. from Southeastern Turkey in the 1950s but for some reason no one thought to name the plant "turkey feather." Regardless, the use of the term "feather" is definitely apt. The leaves of the partridge plant look very much like fuzzy, silvery feathers.

An evergreen, the plant might, and more appropriately, be referred to as a low-growing shrub, albeit a very short one. Leaves are 3 inches (7.5 cm.) long and of a soft, wooly texture delicately notched much like feathers. Forming a mounding habit, this perennial has a woody base and attains a height of between 3-5 inches (7.5-12.5 cm.) by 15-24 inches (38-61 cm.) across.

Another lovely thing about growing partridge feather flowers is, well, the flowers. The plant bears eye-catching, yellow and white, button-like blossoms during late June and into early July. They make for a nice contrast against the silvery foliage and add a little bit of drama to the landscape, especially in a large grouping. They also are excellent attractors of butterflies and make nice cutting flowers.

Partridge Feather Growing Conditions

Before trying your hand at growing partridge feather flowers, you must become familiar with partridge feather growing conditions, which may include full sun to part shade. These sun loving, drought-tolerant specimens are perfect for use in the rock garden where the contrast of the silver leaves is striking amidst the greens of other foliage.

It also has a habit of crawling over and down stones, and enjoys the great drainage that rock gardens employ. Partridge feather tolerates most soil types and conditions, with the exception of overly wet or humid weather.

It is USDA hardy to zones 4 to 9. Once the plant is established, it requires very little irrigation, so caring for partridge feather plants couldn't be easier. Companion plants that work well with partridge flower include:

Partridge feather has few to no pests. Some care should be around the leaves, however, since they may irritate the skin of some people.

All in all, a striking and easy to care for plant often used in xeriscape gardening, partridge feather flower makes a unique addition to the landscape.

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