Romantic Rose Varieties To Make Your Heart Flutter: 8 Best Roses For Romance

Romantic rose varieties are plentiful – but if you are looking for a few of the ultimate selections for love, here are eight of the best rose cultivars you can try

Romantic rose variety in full deep pink bloom
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Countless romantic rose varieties can feasibly be given as a sign of love and affection. The gifting of roses of all kinds has long been considered the perfect way to let someone know you truly care. The same can also be said of the varieties selected for the home landscape. Modern cultivars are available in a wide range of romantic rose colors and are sure to add beauty and interest to your growing space, as well as undeniable allure.

Try These 8 Most Romantic Rose Varieties

When it comes to romantic roses, most of us envision true red types. Though these cultivars were traditionally gifted to express immense admiration or passion, many other colors and hues have gained popularity. Gardeners’ preference for overall shape and form has also seen changes, welcoming a wider variety of species into the garden. Here, we’ll explore some of the most sought-after plants for the creation of attractive, romantic beds of roses.

1. Eden Climber Rose

cream and pink Eden roses in bloom

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Pink rose varieties are known for adding elegance and charm to the growing space. This ardent climber is no exception, producing an abundance of cupped flowers. Opening in varying shades of cream and pink, Eden Climber roses are perfect for mixed borders, adding depth and dimension through the summer bloom period. Lovely in pink floral bouquets, too.

2. Ambrose Honeymoon

White rose varieties like Ambrose Honeymoon are loved for their crisp appearance. Growers of these roses note the development of attractive shades of cream and pink as each flower matures. A vigorous climbing rose, the plants produce clusters of cup-shaped blooms. This is one of the best romantic rose varieties to grow along fences, trellises or arbors.

3. Honey Perfume Rose

orange Honey Perfume rose in bloom

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Orange rose varieties, such as Honey Perfume, have gained special interest among gardeners. This hardy floribunda produces an abundance of vibrant, double blooms; each with their signature fragrance. The cultivar is also said to be highly resistant to disease, making it a good choice for beginner growers.

4. Earth Angel Parfuma Rose

When it comes to romantic roses, Earth Angel Parfuma often ranks among gardeners’ favorites. Throughout the season, this floribunda produces large, peony-style flowers. Ranging in shades from light to dark pink, these are an ideal addition to cut arrangements and are often considered a staple in bridal bouquets and centerpieces.

5. Koko Loco Rose

pale pink Koko Loco rose in full bloom

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Truly unique, the renowned color of Koko Loco rose has rightly earned it a place among the most sought-after romantic rose varieties by growers. This repeat bloomer has proven itself a dependable floribunda, producing flowers in both early and late summer.

6. French Lace Rose

Revered for its continuous bloom, French Lace roses are amongst the best romantic rose varieties for smaller spaces. Their compact form and resistance to disease make this cultivar appropriate for gardeners of any skill level. Like many other floribundas, this rose is also well-suited to growth in pots and containers.

7. Nicole Carol Miller Rose

lavender rose in full bloom in garden

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Lavender rose varieties, like Nicole Carol Miller, have rapidly gained popularity. Their highly saturated blooms open to display vibrant combinations of white and soft mauve. Other significant attributes include the flowers' strong, fruity fragrance and prolonged vase life when used in arrangements. 

8. Green Romantica Rose

Though green rose varieties are less common, there are several notable cultivars available to growers. Green Romantica roses are most frequently found at garden centers. A hybrid tea rose, each plant will produce stunning flowers in shades of white and chartreuse. This cultivar has been praised for its usefulness in the cutting garden, as well as its ability to add unique interest to the landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Red Roses Considered the Most Romantic?

Flowers have long been used as a means of communication. This symbolism, as it relates to the language of flowers, includes roses and their standing association with love. The color red, specifically, denotes immense passion and desire.

Why is the Number 12 Significant for Romantic Roses?

Though there is no definitive answer as to why a dozen roses are most commonly given to those we love, many believe Victorian era symbolism to have played a major role in the development of this tradition. The number ‘twelve’ is said to represent completeness or perfection, therefore, implying added praise and admiration of the recipient.

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